Maria Sharapova Talks Health Secrets, Jetlag & Her Candy Addiction
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Maria Sharapova Talks Health Secrets, Jetlag & Her Candy Addiction

Oh—and the SPF brand she loved so much she ended up becoming part owner.

Let's be clear, nailing down the penultimate subject for our Physical Health Week's official Get Well subject was no small task. As it turns out, Maria Sharapova (you know, the tennis pro who's won five Grand Slams? Ring a bell?) fits the bill just fine. Here, she talks everything from the importance of especially foamy coffee to her iron will when it comes to staying disciplined (even while traveling), her devotion to sun protection and what might just be her one weakness: candy.

On her personal definition of wellness & health goals—not the hashtag kind:

"Wellness to me encompasses mind and body. It’s a life approach to continuously grow and improve. Set goals for yourself and your body, and no goal is ever too big. My goals are really to keep beating my own personal bests. I want to continue to become an even better athlete, to continuously sharpen my focus and to maintain a healthy, strong body."


On her hydration method of choice: 

"I always have a big bottle of Evian water on my nightstand and when I wake up it is a constant reminder to start my day off on a clean and healthy way. I drink half a liter before anything else. Proper hydration and a good amount of sleep are things I always try to be aware of."


On how she stays sane:

"I do some visualization when I have some quiet time. Carrying a positive perspective is very important and not always easy, but staying true to yourself, and being honest to yourself will always guide you to the right frame of mind."


On how she (actually) manages to stay healthy while traveling:

"As a professional athlete, I maintain a disciplined lifestyle when I’m training. I stick to a clean diet of lean proteins and vegetables, stay hydrated, get a lot of sleep and stick to my normal routine wherever possible. Because of all the travel I have done throughout the years, I have worked to be disciplined about my diet. Even though there is no secret to battle jet lag, I do feel better when I eat light on the plane, stay away from carbs and bread, and drink water right before take off, throughout the flight and when I get to the hotel."


On her daily beauty routine & SPF obsession:

"Having to constantly workout outdoors, I've come to learn that SPF is not only essential for protecting your skin but also for preserving it! I use Supergoop products everyday—I actually loved the product so much that I became a part owner.

If it’s a day on the court for me, I start right out of the shower with Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 as my face and body lotion. I then make sure I have a can of Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist SPF 50 in my bag as it’s really convenient for courtside reapplication. On days that I am not practicing or playing, I have three go-tos from the care section of our line. First, on my body I’ve started to become obsessed with our Forever Young Body Butter SPF 40. It feels so luxurious on the skin and has a really nice warm scent, you don’t even realize there is SPF in it. For my face, City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 is my morning moisturizer and a really lovely primer for my foundation. Then throughout the day I touch-up my SPF defense and keep my skin shine-free with our Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50."


On her go-to meal when she's cooking at home:

"Most of the time, it’s pretty simple because time is limited so I make a good mixed vegetable rice dish with protein or a simple chicken rice soup. When my friends get together, we like to experiment from a cookbook. We just made a big Moroccan Tajine with couscous and caramelized onions, finished off with fresh mint tea with pine nuts."


On her favorite snacks:

"Raw almonds. Given my Russian heritage, I also love soups!"


On her weakness for candy:

"I have a sweet tooth, so when I visit my friends we usually have some afternoon tea, the proper English way, with scones, jam, little cakes and organic loose leaf English breakfast tea. And I love candy, so much that I started my own candy collection called Sugarpova. I believe in indulging in moderation."


On the very first thing she does every morning:

"The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass of water with a fresh squeezed lemon to start my morning fresh. Then I make a lactose-free cappuccino and answer some emails."


On her coffee order:

"Pretty simple—a lactose-free milk latte with extra foam. But the foam is important!"


On her daily breakfast:

"For breakfast, I start with a green juice and a fruit bowl with berries. Then a piece of rye toast with some goat cheese and lean ham."


On the one wellness product she can't live without:

"I travel with essential oils, and love the smell of lavender, especially on the plane. I apply a drop on my hands before I apply make up or first thing in the morning."


On her favorite healthy restaurants:

"I try to eat at home as much as I can, but some of my local favorites are Mosaic in Sarasota, Florida, and a creperie down the street for an occasional treat."


On her favorite ways to work out:

"I like to vary my training so that it does not become too repetitive. I love exercising outdoors that benefit the body and the mind. I run on the beach a lot, and work with my training team daily on exercises that impact my on-court performance."


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