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New Year’s Resolution #1: Find a Workout You Actually Love

No take backsies this year, friends.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Find a Workout You Actually Love

So you’ve set your New Year’s resolutions :heavy_check_mark: . And have stuck to them for, uh, a whole four days. So far, so good. But let’s be honest, your (admittedly ours, too) track record of resolutions past hasn’t been long-lasting. Like, at all. Especially when it involves getting our :peach: to the gym (multiple times a week) for longer than our glittery shellac manicure lasts.

This year is going to be different—we’re laying it all out here and now—we’re going to find a workout we actually love…and stick to it, for good. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we asked the super-fit Emily Oberg, Editorial Producer at Complex, whose credits including hosting their Get Sweaty video series and co-directing and co-writing their recent must-see Supreme doc. In other words, her job pretty much requires she try out every damn type of workout. We also consulted with Andrew Speer, owner of model-packed fitness studio, Soho Strength Lab on the real deal on getting committed to fitness. Spoiler: it’s totally doable.


Set a Goal

“Have a goal in mind whether it's an ideal weight, a photo of someone whose body you want to resemble…anything. Just make sure to have an end goal so you can monitor your progression and keep track of how your body is changing. It's also important to choose a couple areas at a time that you want to focus on. If it's abs and glutes, try a bunch of different ab and glute workouts rather than a bunch of different workouts for every part of your body. This way, you'll be able to master a few workouts, instead of doing an okay job at a bunch of them. —Emily Oberg, Editorial Producer, Complex.


“If you want to make changes in your life, make it a realistic part of your routine. Plan on training at a time you know you'll make it. If you're not a morning person, don't plan your first training session at 6AM! 
Set goals. My clients all have specific goals. These change periodically, but we are always working towards something. It's proven that if you have a specific, meaningful goal you will be more likely to stick with a program.” —Andy Speer, owner Soho Strength Lab.


Give It a Chance

 “You should try a workout two or three times [before giving up]. If it's not working because it doesn't work with your body (for example, floor workouts are hard because my tail bone always digs into the ground), either try a different variation of it or use equipment to make it easier on you. If the exercise isn't working because it's uncomfortable or painful, that usually means it's working, so just power through the pain and realize you have to deal with a bit of suffering to get the results you want.” —EO


Finding Motivation

“I follow a ton of Instagram model accounts, the super cheesy ones with girls from Russia who seem to have no life outside of working out. I love them! It's a guilty pleasure but they really do motivate me! If you're scrolling through your feed and you see some stunning girl with a rock-hard body that is usually more than enough to be like, ‘BRB going to workout for 3 hours.’ 
I find that it works to go in the morning otherwise you'll procrastinate all day long and get tired at work, or something will come up. It's tough to go to the gym all the time AND have a social life, but it's possible to balance both. If you go in the morning, it's over with and you have more energy for the rest of the day/night!” —EO


“Most of the time when people say they don't like 'working out' it's coming from a negative experience. This can stem from poor training programs, not seeing results or not having the right type of motivation. When you find the right situation, one where you start seeing some results, this starts a positive feedback loop, which motivates you to continue.
Work with your own psychology, not against it. If you feed off of the energy of others in a class, trial several types of group classes. If you appreciate precise instruction and personal attention, then finding a personal trainer might be a better option. Also, find your friends who have similar likes and personalities and go to a class together. Having a training partner to hold you accountable will help you stick around until you find the workout routine that’s right for you.” —AS


Common Elements

"1. Training is part of their daily/weekly routine—it has become a lifestyle. It’s not something they do when they feel like it. This leads to consistency, which is the key to improving in any aspect of life.

2. They truly appreciate the benefits of physical training. This includes physical changes and improvements mental cognition, coordination, and mental toughness needed to gain achievement in physical goals. If you start the day crushing a tough training session, the challenges for the rest of the day don't seem so daunting.

3. They see results. This can be body composition, strength, aesthetics, or just feeling better. If you don't get positive feedback of some kind, you won't stick around for long." —AS


If You Can’t Make It To The Gym...

“The way our bodies work is great because you don't necessarily have to work out at all in order to achieve your goal. If you correct your diet and make sure you're getting enough of the proper foods, you will see results. If I don't have time or energy for the gym, I make sure I eat a lot of vegetables and protein and cut things like bread, pasta, rice—any starchy, simple carbs—that have no real nutrients. I also make sure I'm not eating too many fruits/sugar because I know I won't be using them as energy if I'm not going to the gym.” —EO


Make it Fun

“Join a class! This year I've really gotten into classes like Barry's Bootcamp, Soulcycle and Aerospace. Classes are a great way to get fit without having to study a bunch of workouts on your own. Going with a friend is always fun, but even just feeding off of the energy of others in the class is so much more fun than doing a solo workout at the gym.”—EO


Emily’s Favorite Things

“I love donkey kicks with ankle weights, sides squats and mountain climbers on a treadmill. They're fun to do, you can feel them working your muscles and you can always increase the intensity of them with weight/incline so you don't plateau and get bored.” —EO


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