Juliana Santos

Executive Director, Dona Santa/Santo Homem. Paris

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Renée Rodenkirchen
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Paris Fashion Week is the pinnacle of our year, because everyone in the industry, no matter where in the world they spend the other 50 weeks, flies in from all over the world for it. It's kind of like the industry’s biggest meet-and-greet. So, while we may not make it to places like Hong Kong, Rio or Sydney all that often, we get to see everyone in one place. And trust us when we say, we take advantage. For example, when we heard that Juliana Santos was coming to PFW, well, we started making plans to barge into her hotel room right away.

See, Santos lives and works in Recife, a Brazilian city significantly further north than Rio and definitely off our beaten track. But the woman pretty much runs the high fashion scene in her hometown and owns a luxury concept store (Dona Santa, the men’s side is known as Santo Homem) to boot, so we kind of knew that she would have the goods as far as a fashion week wardrobe was concerned.

And we weren’t disappointed, like, at all. When we did arrive at her hotel, there was a rolling rack of clothing, bags and shoes awaiting us, set up with care by her stylist, an old friend of The Cov’s, Lee Oliveira. Santos popped a bottle of bubbly (and continued to pop more as each sequential bottle was emptied—it was the end of a very long fashion month, so no judgement), as began to rifle through her many Saint Laurent stilettos, CHANEL dresses and Paula Cademartori bags. It was kind of like all the fashion week stars were aligning in one very chic Brazilian. Forget the Parisians and the je ne sais quoi, it’s the women who jet in for the week that know how to do fashion week right.