How to Give Your BFF a Timeless Present

Athena Calderone knows what to give the person you've known forever. In collaboration with Jo Malone London.

Sometimes shopping for your best friend kind of feels like shopping for yourself—as in, if we like it, they’ll probably like it, kind of thing. See, when you shop your BFFs closet every other Friday night, pillage their medicine cabinet on the regular and use their fridge as though it’s yours, your tastes begin to align. It’s just science. And when you’ve known your BFF for as long as Athena Calderone has (that’s some real, lifelong stuff there), well, you know what matters and what doesn’t.

See, Calderone and Andrea (that would be the best friend in question) have been besties so long that they even had the same car as teenagers (which, let’s be honest, even outshines Cher and Dionne when it comes to legendary friendships). We mean, when you share something as seemingly random as vehicular taste, we think you might be at the stage in your relationship to give something as personal as a perfume—like, say, Jo Malone London’s Mimosa and Cardamom cologne—and know that she’ll actually wear it everyday. Because you will, too, duh.

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