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Astrology Gift Giving: Leo

July 23-August 22

Astrology Gift Giving: Leo
Meghann Stephenson

Stylish, regal and refined, the female and male Leo has mastered the art of the dramatic entrance and raised it to an art form. This sign gives off lots of magnetic energy, and everyone, it seems, wants some of it! No wonder so many choose to follow your beloved Leo wherever he or she goes! The Leo’s interest in the world around you is wide and deep, and culturally, this sign is quite sophisticated. If you need to know how a certain play or book has been reviewed, ask a Leo, they know!

Leos usually have a strong flair of color and design and are known to be highly creative. Many members of the sign work in the arts, music or theatre. Leos are also gregarious, magnanimous, exuberant and cheerful. No wonder you have such a loving following!

Leo is associated with royalty and leadership, for Leo’s ruling star is the Sun, center of our solar system. It’s easy to see why Leo is thought of as the king or queen of the zodiac. No dictator, warmhearted Leo is personified as the benevolent ruler. Your beloved Leo is certainly a celebrity or at the very least, carries him or herself as one!

Red, gold and purple are the colors associated with this sign, for in ancient days royal kings and queens rulers wore these colors so that their subjects could easily spot them in a crowd, even from afar. After all, there were no close-up TV cameras! The dyes for these hues were rare and very expensive, so they were not within the reach of the common man—another way Leo was able to stand out.

It is easy to see why, when choosing a gift for Leo, that your Leo prizes unique, one-of-a-kind items. These are things that will likely garner compliments, and the Lion enjoys being admired!

— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


August 10th


Whatever you get your Leo, make sure it is the best you can afford in that category and that it expresses a sophisticated or well-made design. The Leo woman would rather have one fabulous item than many items of lesser value.

Get her dangling evening earrings in Leo’s favorite stone, the ruby. The Romans called the ruby ‘a flower among stones.’ It is said that the ruby combines Eros, sensual erotic love, with Agape, spiritual love, and therefore represents divine love in crystallized form.

Charm her with a beautifully wrapped box of imported bittersweet chocolates. Send her two dozen long stemmed red roses. One dozen just doesn’t seem enough for this royal lady! Or send her a huge bouquet of peonies. If you would rather send a plant, perhaps because you don’t know her well, send her a gorgeous amaryllis—a bulb that will produce a beautiful large orange-red flower with a bloom that will grow almost as large as a dinner plate. They give sumptuous a whole new meaning!

If you are married or live with her, buy her a little black dress, a sparkling gold knit evening tank top or lacy black silk lingerie by a top name designer. Any of these three choices would certainly make a hit for she goes out often to all the best evening events.

Get her two tickets to a Broadway show (Leo adores the theatre) or a black-tie benefit (Leo was born for sophisticated cultural or charity events). Surprise her with a weekend for two at Las Vegas with tickets to one of the many outstanding theatrical performances in your city.

Another magnanimous gift she would adore would be a whole weekend of pampering at a celebrity spa.

Your Leo lady is a natural performer; get her a Karaoke machine to use at the many festive parties she gives. She and her guests will so appreciate your gift! Leo has star quality, so a large pair of sunglasses such as of CHANEL or Prada are great. Go shopping together to get ones that flatter her face.

— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


August 1st


Give the Leo man a fine bottle of French champagne with two crystal tulip champagne glasses to drink with you. Or buy a round gold pocket watch and engrave an inscription on it. A round watch would be perfect. It’s sure to make a hit because it echoes the shape of the Sun, the star that rules Leo.

Tickets to a Broadway play with orchestra seats would be a great choice—Leo likes to make an entrance AND he loves the theatre. Luxury is the key with Leo. Surprise him with dinner in a four-star restaurant and hire a limo to be on call for the full five hours while you’ll be together. Everyone deserves to feel like a celebrity once in awhile. OR thrill him with a helicopter ride over Manhattan.

Find out if he knows his family crest (he may have one in Europe and not know). Find it or design one, and have a ring custom made—this is a pure Leo gift and one he’s always wanted.

Leo admires stylish lifestyle—get him a wicker picnic basket for concerts in Central Park for this coming summer. Promise to fill it with gourmet treats when the evening arrives.

Book several spa services for him in a posh New York hotel and have him pampered, literally from head to toe.

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