Why You Should Try Double-Masking for Balanced Skin

Why You Should Try Double-Masking for Balanced Skin

Your weekly ritual, customized.

Meghann Stephenson

Double cleansing kind of took the beauty world by storm months ago, precedented and followed by all the best and brightest in Asian skincare trends. And we’re really thankful that the rice enzyme powder cleansers, animal-themed sheet masks (super fun *and* hydrating), 8+ product layering regimens and of course, every single item on offer from Peach and Lily, made their way over to us. Now, meet double-masking, courtesy of no region in particular... but definitely something we can get behind. Maybe in part because we have a serious masking obsession as of a late. That, and it’s pretty obvious though that the blackhead-ridden (they never go away do they?) pores on our nose don't need quite the same treatment as our dry-ish cheeks or, how do we say this... aging forehead. In pursuit of better skin ahead of this um, face forward (and stressful) month, we test-drove a whole bunch of combos for you. We highly suggest pouring a big glass of wine (or tea!) and masking until you find the one that suits your skin best. Maybe even finally burn that Byredo you've been "saving" and have a full-on baller bath.




Acne Control + Moisturizing

Perhaps the most useful (and a Cov personal favorite) of the bunch. When you’re having a concentrated breakout, spot treat with a sulfur or salicylic acid mask on your t-zone—or wherever the breakout happens to be located—and then cover the rest of your face in a super moisturizing formula. Spots are dried out, the rest of your face isn't. Win-win.




Anti-Aging + Balancing

As much as we’re all for accepting aging as gracefully as possible, the faint lines appearing on our foreheads aren’t the most welcome. An anti-aging mask (look for rose and hyaluronic acid) slathered above the eyes helps to plump the skin there. While a balancing and repairing one works nicely around the remainder of your face, go for one suited for your skin type.




Pore Clearing + Soothing

Not be TMI, but the nose area—mainly the sides—is a haven for blocked pores and blackheads. And as much as we miss the days of Biore (just so satisfying), masking is a way gentler, friendlier version. Cover your entire nose with an activated charcoal version that’s specifically targeted to clear pores. Coat the rest of your face in an cucumber aloe mask, which detoxifies in the kindest way possible.




Correcting + Hydrating

Grab a pot filled with ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids and collagen and blot it on any “problem” spots like blemishes, discoloration, minor rashes, etc. It will work to exfoliate off surface skin cells for a more glowy complexion (like instant gratification). Then spread a nourishing hydration mask (we like honey for this) everywhere else.




Oil Absorbing + Purifying 

This last one is double-masking in the sense that you apply one mask, wash it off, then follow with another (a bit more time involved, but worth it). Oily skin is usually concentrated in the t-zone, but try coating your entire face in a mud treatment meant for oil control. Wash it off, then chase it with a soothing mask your cheek and eye areas will appreciate. This way you get a bit of oil control and a bit of hydration.

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