Yoga Moves To Recover After a Long Flight

A sitting survival guide.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Long haul flights are kind of part of our daily/weekly/monthly grind. We mean, at this point we could pretty much give a lecture on how to fit a myriad of opposing climate-appropriate outfits into a single carry-on. But if we’re being totally honest here, there is just one thing even we can’t avoid without a little bit of, uh, external help. And that’s shaking off our sore (practically Quasimodo-hunched) backs and stiff legs that come after 9+ hours in a cramped seated position. So yeah, after a particularly travel-heavy and insanely packed venture to Europe, we cleared our schedules to spend a morning doing some yoga—the idea was to become less Walking Dead and more actual well-balanced humans—with Marine from Bikram Yoga Paris. Herein, she shows us the best moves to correct, loosen, stretch and invigorate jetlagged muscles. 




Move #1

Half moon pose



"Half Moon pose is wonderful for working the flexibility of the spine and for body posture. It trims the waist line, tones the legs and hip muscles. It is a great warm up for the body.

Make sure you keep your legs strong and your rib cage open."


Move #1 Half Moon Pose "Half Moon pose is wonderful for... Read More



Move #2

Awkward Pose


"This is a very good pose for the strength of your legs and to built up determination. Keep your spine straight, keep your arms strong and firm, and sit on the top of your toes.

To do the posture correctly, go all the way onto your toes and keep your spine straight."


Move #2 Awkward Pose "This is a very good pose for... Read More


Move #3

Eagle pose


"This is a good pose to open the major joints of your body and improve their flexibility. This exercise is a great stretch for your body and a strong warm up.

Make sure to squeeze your legs and arms and keep your chest up."


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Move #4

Balancing stick


"This asana is good to work the entire body. It helps improving your body's balance and it opens the shoulder and reinforces concentration. It is a good cardio workout.

Make sure your body is exactly parallel to the floor and your standing leg remains straight."


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Move #5

Triangle pose


"This posture very specifically works 100% of your body: all the muscles, joints and ligaments of your body are stimulated. It's very good for the flexibility and strength of your hips as well—it gets all your muscles involved and toned.

Don't put any weight on the knee with your elbow and stretch your arms in opposite directions.


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Move #6

Standing separate leg forehead to knee


"This pose is a compression posture—it works your body's metabolism and stimulates the internal organs by compression. It's a great posture to trim your waist line and to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Keep your forehead and your knee connected for the entirety of the hold."


Move #6 Standing Separate Leg Forehead to Knee "This pose is... Read More


Move #7

Tree pose


"This is a very good asana for concentration and determination. It helps you get focused, stay calm and become strong. This posture also helps opening the knee and hips joints.

Remember: calm breathing, spine straight, stomach in and concentrate."


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