Olga Karput

Olga Karput

Founder, Kuznetsky Most 20. Paris

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Kerri Scales
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

You'll recall that every fashion month, our Instagram stalking officially reaches its fever pitch and our photo stream becomes riddled with screen shots; all in the name of finding gems like today's subject. We dive deep (and we do mean deep) and somehow end up scouring the feeds of a womenswear buyer for a boutique in Amsterdam or a market editor in the Philippines. In other words, shit gets weird, and that's how we like it.

If the first wave of Russian street style stars was made up of impossibly polished St. Petersburg and Moscowites bundled in furs, neon couture ballgowns and towering stilettos; the second wave, in our minds, lead by the likes of Olga Karput, is moving in precisely the opposite direction, almost as a reaction to their predecessors. Back to Karput, for example: she's without a doubt one of the coolest girls on the whole damn street style circuit. We first sat up and took notice while browsing slideshows over our sad desk lunches and saw her dressed head-to-toe in Raf Simons' men's collection (in streetwear circles, his men's stuff is basically the apex of cool). Or maybe it was that time she wore a sculptural Jacquemus coat that was equal parts kindergarten art project and dream outerwear. Or when she shows love to designers from her homeland, like Gosha Rubchinskiy (another streetwear favorite) and pairs their pieces with embroidered CHANEL hosiery.

We first met Karput in Paris at her hotel home for fashion week before the Stella McCartney show. The spoils we uncovered from Karput's suitcase didn't disappoint—we found everything from Vetements sweats to Raf Simons waistcoats and furry Simone Rocha flats (Sophia Amoruso eloquently described her pair as shoe pubes on Instagram, which is, well, accurate). You can only imagine the magic we'd find at her home base, right? Well, the good news is that we just booked two tickets to Moscow. Stay tuned... we have a good feeling there's more Raf where this came from.