Luxury Beauty Awards: Best in Hair

A.K.A. an excuse to finally buy that Mason Pearson brush.

Luxury Beauty Awards: Best in Hair

As our Pinterest boards reveal, we all have our hair idols, whether it's a dreamy Jane Birkin-esque fringe, a Chrissy Teigen balayaged situation or a maybe-one-day Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lob. And naturally we have them pinned and screenshot (P.S. the new Apple albums is :+1:) to enthusiastically show our hairdressers the moment we plunk down in their chair. But aside from our (mostly fruitless) attempts to recreate their cut and color, we also (obviously) want to know what styling products they use on the daily to keep their manes just so. So we called upon the hair whisperers behind all that wonderfulness (and then some beauty editors and other equally authoritative Cov-alums, too), because you know they use only the best out there. Below, the shampoos, creams, treatments and—our personal favorite—tools worth all your hard-earned $$$. Naturally, there's heaps of Oribe involved, but we mean, are you even surprised?


Shampoo & Conditioner


“I only wash my hair with conditioner from Hair Rules and I mix in Adel Atelier’s custom products to keep the color consistent.”

- Danielle Prescod


“I love Rahua shampoo and conditioner.”

- Casey Fremont Crowe


“I use a Phyto heat protectant, Agave shampoos and conditioners. All-purpose hair oils, like the Agave one and Bumble and Bumble’s Invisible Oil, are the mad note. l siphon them onto my parched bleach head by the quart. I am always on the brink of running out, no matter how frequently I buy it.”

- Amy Rose Spiegel


“I like the hair to have some grit and texture. Bumble and Bumble makes a great surf shampoo and conditioner, which leaves the hair with a tiny bit of texture as it air drys.”

- Kristin Ess


“I'm a firm believer in any shampoo and conditioner from Davines. Depending on your hair texture you will have to pick accordingly, but for any kind of natural wave or curl I absolutely swear by Love Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner.”

- Candice Birns




Oribe Gold Lust hair oil (great for when you are traveling and don’t want to dry your hair). I use Oribe texture spray every day, I don’t remember life without it.”

- Amber Venz-Box


“I can't live without Rita Hazan triple threat hair cream, she just gave me a tester and I am addicted, it smells heavenly and for anyone who colors their hair it will be their new BFF.”

- Deborah Pagani


“I do love Oribe texture spray. You just flip your hair over, you spray it in, and it’s like you immediately have volume, which is great, because my hair is naturally very flat.”

- Martha Hunt


“I rinse my hair everyday and I wash it maybe once a week with whatever is in the shower. And then I dry it but I use the Oribe. It styles better when it’s not washed.”

- Brian Atwood


“I put Rodin oil and coconut oil in my hair.”

- Ashley Benson


"We can't live without Nuxe Body & Hair Oil.”

- Chloe & Marielou Bartoli


“I am obsessed with Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray.”

- Amber Valletta


“I like to finish a look with Oribe Après Beach always. It creates beachy separation but still leaves the hair shiny and touchable.”

- Kristin Ess


“I love the Oribe Silk Drops for when my hair is damp and for when my hair is completely finished just to add a bit of shine to it—usually my ends will be a little dry. I love the Oribe hairspray and the shampoo and conditioner. I’m obsessed.”

- Gigi Gorgeous


“[To add volume and texture I like to use] Shiseido Professional Stage Works Powder Shake, Spike Booster and Bouncing Primer.”

- Marco Chan




“My favorite beauty products include Phylia de. M Connect leave-in hair treatment.”

- Jane Larkworthy


Leonor Greyl Jasmine Masque—this is a great mask if you want to splurge! Use it once a week to restore dry, brittle ends. Continuum—this treatment restores over processed, lifeless hair like nothing else on the market.”

- Jen Atkin


“I love Philip Kingsley Elasticizer because it's so different. You apply this one on dry hair before you shampoo. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal. It leaves your hair feeling stronger and moisturized!”

- Ashley Streicher


Olaplex!! I’m religious about using this innovative strengthening treatment, as is every celebrity around the globe. Also, Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask.”

- Tracey Cunningham


Leonor Greyl Palm Oil is meant as a treatment on dry hair for before shampooing. Leave the product on for at 20 minutes and it will work wonders. I also apply a small amount to dry ends after styling on hair that is extremely brittle.”

- Mara Roszak


“[My favorite treatment is] Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask.”

- Leanne Citrone


Kérastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque is the oldest treatment on the market and still the best!!”

- Adrian Clark




“I love Label M Resurrection Dust which magically poofs your hair to double it's size in an easy shake. I also use a GHD Curve to put a little wobble in my poker straight locks. It's all quite haphazard but absolutely necessary."

- Angela Scanlon


"A good blow dryer is a must! And a great curling Iron. The one-inch barrel is the one I use most. Harry Josh’s new curling iron, a marcel model, is amazing and easy to use. I am obsessed with it!"

- Serge Normant


"I can't go anywhere without my flat iron and my Enzo Milano clipless curling iron. I have really frizzy, thick, dry hair so my hair products are probably the most important to me when I travel. I use WEN, which is this like non-shampoo-shampoo stuff that seriously changed the way my hair looked and felt the moment I started using it.”

- Bethany Cosentino


"[My favorite tool is the] GHD Eclipse Flat Iron—I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it! The bevels on the side make creating flat iron waves a cinch. I also love how small and lightweight the Dream Dry Blowdryers and Harry Josh Blowdryers are! They’re both super powerful so my blow dries end up being so much faster. And T3 Curling Irons—the ceramic plates heat up so fast!"

- Jen Atkin


“I love my Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer because it is feather light and the perfect, small size that accommodates a day’s worth of salon blow-drying. It is not only powerful, but the design and weight does not hurt my shoulder after extended use.”

- Kari Hill


"My T3 Feather Light Hair Dryer is my favorite because I can do just about anything with it: it takes hair from wet to dry; it helps me smooth and straighten hair; it makes curls and waves... It's the 'does it all' of tools. I also think a good blowdryer is something every woman should invest in."

- Bridgit Brager


"My favorite tools would have to be the Elchim 2001 blow dryer because it's got the perfect ratio of wind and heat, and the Ghd Curve curling ironsbecause they give the most relaxed wave with very little effort. It is one of the easiest curling irons I've ever used."

- Kristin Ess


"[My favorite tool is the] Mason Pearson brush—I personally use the Junior in dark ruby colour. I like the shape of the brush in the hand and the quality of the bristle feels very nice when brushing hair and avoids static electricity on the hair. It's a good quality brush and easy to wash with warm water and soap."

- Day Aruci


"GHD curling irons are the perfect temperature to hold curl and are aesthetically pleasing. I also love Parlux and Harry Josh blowdryers; both are powerful and truly make blow drying hair easy."

- Mara Roszak


"I love the Mason Pearson brush dual bristle with nylon for detailing and the boar brush for smoothing."

- Ted Gibson


"The Mason Pearson brush is a must-have. I also love the Hot Tools Marcel Curling Irons in any size. I can’t go to a job without them. And the YS Park Teaser Tail Comb is amazing."

- Christian Marc


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