Luxury Beauty Awards: Best in Body

Wherein We Defend $100+ Soap.

Luxury Beauty Awards: Best in Body

When it comes to beauty products we're willing to shell out the $$$ for, body lotions and washes usually fall pretty low on the list. TBH, we'd rather drop fifty dollars on a tube of Tom Ford lipstick (we know, we know, fiscal responsibility, but it's just. so. good.) than on a similarly priced exotic scrub which doesn't garner half as many compliments (and ultimately ends up down the drain). But as one editor recently explained, luxury bath products are kind of like the little black dresses of your beauty cabinet. You don't wear (or need) them on the daily, but it's nice to know they exist for those extra special occasions or when you really just want to treat yourself. And just like that, we totally get it. So we rounded up all the extravagant moisturizers, scrubs and oils, and although they won't be taking the spot of our go-to Dove, we're fans of hoarding a couple bottles of Rodin oil under the sink. If only for a rainy day slash when you just need to timeout and have a baller bath. Oh, and may we also suggest a drinking accompaniment? Because the following products just happen to pair really well with that bottle of chilled champagne you've been saving.





“I use Cleau de Peau body moisturizing body cream in the winter.”- Bettina Prentice


“I love the Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body moisturizer."- Bip Ling


“[I can't live without] Rodin Body Oil. I cover myself in it every night.”- Casey Fremont Crowe


“I always have Neal’s Yard body balm in my makeup bag.”- Chelsea Leyland


“It's all about Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream. I love the scent (a berry-citrusy blend that's not, despite the name, too sugary), the velvety texture and the fact that it's got a healthy dose of fruit acids (AHAs)—it keeps my skin smooth, hydrated, glowy and free of dry patches.” - Ying Chu


"Before going to bed I use a La Mer moisturizer and a Rodin body oil." - Rosetta Getty


Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Body Cream—one of the BEST I've tried! It's deeply moisturizing and it lasts, also known to help with cellulite and bumpy skin. It's an oldie but a fantastic goody! Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur body lotion, it's subtle and very sexy! It has very alluring and luxurious scent and texture—it's perfect for bedtime. Love it! And F.Malle's En Passant lotion is also divine!”- SunHee Grinnell


"The ultimate all-purpose winter fix-everything is Weleda Skin Food. It's the most amazing smelling concoction of six billion ultra-organic essential oils, and if your skin—face AND body—is dry, Skin Food is the cure. Seriously. All people in winter need Skin Food.” - Jean Godfrey-June


“To keep my body soft and smooth, I always always apply moisturizer (currently: Weleda Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Body Lotion) from shoulders to toes after every shower.” - Jenny Bailly


“My go-to for body: Rodin Olio Lusso Body Oil; it smells divine—I love the jasmine and neroli—and I slather it on all over (cuticles too) after my morning shower, wait a few minutes then follow with lotion.” - Ying Chu




Elemental Herbology Macadamia & Papaya Radiance Body Scrub: Along with imparting the slightest hint of oil on my freshly scrubbed limbs, its fresh citrus scent (it even contains kombucha!) is downright intoxicating.”- Jane Larkworthy


“For evening I love CHANEL No. 5 bath oil and body cream. For a timeout, oils by Aromatherapy Associates and Himlayan detox salts by Mauli Rituals.” - Laura Bailey


“When I shower, I finish with the Brown Sugar Body Scrub from Fresh, so I emerge perfectly hydrated, not needing moisturizer. I know baths are drying, but I must take one practically every night anyway, so I fill it with oil—DeMamiel, Tata Harper and Rituals Eucapytus body oils are all in rotation.”- Jean Godfrey-June


"The Anne Semonin Verbena Bath Salts and Bamford Geranium Body Wash make for a very luxurious bath when you're jet-lagged out of your mind at the Palace Hotel Tokyo.- Rachael Wang




“Pre-holiday I use gradual tan by Creme de la Mer.”- Laura Bailey


“I would be pale, less svelte and very tired-looking without Lancôme Flash Bronzer for Legs, which I use everywhere, including face.”- Jean Godfrey-June

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