Helena Bordon

Digital Influencer. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Stephanie Mark

It’s the last day of fashion month! Paris Fashion Week is over with Miuccia’s final bow at Miu Miu—just like that. Cue giant sigh of relief, the sound of a hundred sets of crunched toes being released from their stilettos after long last, and empty Instagram feeds. But regarding the latter, there are always a few accounts one can turn to when everyone else returns to their regular non-runway, non-street style programming. Like, say, Helena Bordon, who, if her blog and feed are any indication, lives life as if she’s perpetually in front of Tommy Ton’s lens. Girl has (really) good clothes. And shoes. And bags.

We caught up with Bordon back in June when we ran into her while in Florence (just rubbing shoulders, guys, you know how it is). And after hearing that the Brazilian blogger had recently landed herself a Manhattan apartment, well, we made hurried plans for a second round of signature TC treatment (the first happened during PFW a few seasons ago—we’ll never forget those few Prada-infused hours in her hotel room). When schedules finally aligned, it was New York Fashion Week and we wasted no time in knocking on her freshly painted door.

And while in person Bordon is just about as kind and down to earth and funny as fashion people come, her wardrobe, fashion week or not, really is made for Instagram. See her myriad Les Petit Joueurs and Paula Cadermatori bags, spike-heeled Jimmy Choos and Gianvito Rossis, and, yes, more Prada. So, seriously, when you’re feeling FW withdrawal in the coming days, just click over to @helenabordon.