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Off the Menu: The Acai Bowl That's All Over Instagram

No one does it like Two Hands.

Off the Menu: The Acai Bowl That's All Over Instagram

Our weaknesses run the gamut from furry loafers (it’s taking every bit of our will power not to click buy on those Guccis) and Byredo candles to all-natural skincare and the latest barre-slash-Pilates-slash-free movement class. But two words that will always get us are these: acai bowl. Breakfast-cum-dessert-cum-superfood-packed deliciousness that we’ll eat with gusto every single time. It’s with this kind of anticipation that we head to New York's Two Hands: we know the acai bowl is always there for us. That, and a steaming head-sized cup of caffeine. And while we still hold out for the restaurant’s Instagram-perfect tables and plating (we’re just not even going to try to replicate), now we can make it in the comfort of our own apartments. Finally a use for all those hemp and chia seeds we only just realized we’ve been hoarding.






1 froze banana (chopped into inch-long pieces)

1 large handful of frozen blueberries

6 oz. almond milk

1 tbs. acai powder

1 tsp. of cacao powder




desiccated coconut

chia seeds

hemp sees

cacao nibs

handful of fresh blueberries and raspberries





ONE >> Start by adding the frozen blueberries, acai powder, cacao powder and almond milk into a blender and blend until smooth.

TWO>> Add one banana piece at a time and use your blender tamper/stick to force the mixture around the blender as it thickens. After all bananas are blended it should be smooth but with a thick consistency.

THREE>> Remove mix from blender into bowl, sprinkle desired toppings (the ones listed above are all great superfoods with amazing health benefits).



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