Susie Lau

Blogger; Freelance Writer. London

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Remember a time before Edie Parker's emblazoned clutches and Jeremy Scott for Moschino? Or before everyone and their mom (ugh, this is just too real) had a dedicated blog to their expansive (or, you know, not-so-expansive) wardrobes? Yeah, us too. But if you try reaaal hard—like, real, real hard—you'll make it all the way back to 2006 (that's almost a decade, guys :sob: :sob:) to when street style was just that: what people wore on the street. We mean, when the whole point of going to fashion shows wasn't to have Tommy Ton capture you 'naturally' twirl in your micro-pleated Marni skirt. And Susie Lau (a.k.a. Susie Bubble) is part of the OG crew of sartorially-inclined eccentrics, who injected color and whimsy into the all black everything editor uniform that swarmed fashion capitals biannually. You could go as far as to say that she changed the entire street style game.

So naturally (because this is our bread and butter, duh) we needed to ransack her wardrobe. It was practically the whole reason we flew to London in the first place—okay, and maybe for fashion week, too. When we arrived at Lau's London flat, after a fire escape climb (yeah, try that in heels with a camera bag) up to a loading dock-esque door, she greeted us in Christopher Kane Tevas and lilac Prada plexiglass sunnies—would you have expected anything else? It was once we got inside to the overflowing racks-on-racks of Mary Katrantzou and Dries Van Noten, with shelves bursting with Nicholas Kirkwood collab shoes, that we knew we were in for one hell of a treat. And sure enough we uncovered an entire collection of prototypal Christopher Kane heels (they never even made the show!!), more than a few pairs of quintessential flatforms and neon wedges, and batik Suno bombers—you know, just to name a few.