Meg Baby

Model. Tokyo

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

We're about to let you in on a little Coveteur secret. No, seriously. Ready? When preparing to head to a city we've never really been to before—whether we have four weeks or 48 hours to get ready—we usually have some friend of a friend of a friend who happens to be an expat, or someone we sat next to at a PFW dinner three seasons ago, who can help us find willing participants to let us into their homes and document the most intimate nooks and crannies of their lives. But when it came to our Tokyo trip—a place where our Rolodex is admittedly thin and the language barrier proves as trying as you'd imagine—our resources dwindled and we were left to our own devices. Or in this case, device, singular: the results of said trip are, for the most part, sourced through Instagram.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't seem all that revelatory. But when it comes to researching and doing our due diligence (aka deep dives) on our subjects, email chains trying to discern whether someone is actually a Japanese popstar or just someone with a really insane wardrobe are the type of thing we're up against while trying to physically process the 13-hour time difference. Shit gets a little weird.

Meg Baby was one Instagram find we were resolutely determined to make a reality—the rare peeks inside her Moschino and Stella McCartney-filled closet she posted sent our Spidey senses into a tizzy. A few Google Maps mishaps later and we made it a reality—and lets just say the whole thing in IRL did far from disappoint. Most fascinating, though, was that for every stylistic difference we found on the other side of the world, there were just as many similarities. For every Japanese beauty brand we'd never heard of and were dying to discover littering Meg's vanity, there was a Dior polish or YSL lipstick we could've sworn mirrors the ones found on ours at home, some 6,000 miles away. And while her mix of designer-meets-cartoon-y ensembles wasn't unlike what you'd find an Instagram star from the Western world in, Meg had one advantage: her surplus of toys. From Fendi buggies to Spongebob, Garfield, Minion and Looney Tunes plush toys and figurines, girl has even the Ben Ballers and Kristen Noel Crawleys of the world beat. All together now: iiiiiit's a small world after all...