Jonathan Elias

Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Lost & Found. Toronto

By: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Sometimes we get get so lost in the logistics of our own travel schedule (Dubai, China, Australia, Japan, etc...) that we forgot what's right here in our own backyard (that would be Toronto, just in case you haven't noticed our subtle Canadian references as of late). We mean, it's not like we're not aware of what's going on, it's just that so many of the people living here are so close to our hearts (childhood friends and such) that we forget to invite ourselves over to raid their homes and closets on a semi-regular basis. Such is the case with Jonathan Elias, co-founder and owner of one of the city's best men's stores: Lost & Found.

So when Jonathan welcomed us into his West End apartment, hands full of coffees (obviously the way to our caffeine-fuelled hearts) and some of the finest blueberry muffins we've every tasted, we got down to business. As far as wardrobes go, his isn't one built on a foundation of OTT pieces like we've seen in Cov closets past, but rather well-made classics: Velva Sheen t-shirts that go just as well with perfectly worn-in 3sixteen denim as tailored Engineered Garments trousers. "When I buy a brand I want to be buying both the story and the piece. I am a strong believer that without one you can’t have the other." It's a philosophy he and his team take to heart when stocking the impeccably curated shelves of his store, too.

Besides the abundance of Nikes—there's a full Roy G. Biv spectrum here, guys—Supreme hats, camouflage jackets and vibrantly-printed separates, we'd like to point out his epic KAWS collection. He basically admitted to be a recovering addict ("sometimes less is more… unless we’re talking about my KAWS collection.”) and judging by the closets, on closets, on closets filled with the artist's work (just take a look :point_down:), it all makes perfect sense considering his assortment was part of the Design Exchange's This Is Not A Toy exhibit, guest curated by none other than Pharrell.

As we styled bright blue Bearbricks and floral bathers around his airy (and, we must point out, spotless) apartment, Elias filled us in on everything from advice for aspiring business owners (surround yourself with incredible people) to his grooming routine (Shiseido face cream, always) and how he went from selling clothes in the upstairs of a house to offering some of the best menswear in the city. We mean, we think it would be a pretty accurate statement to say that when it comes to the guys in our lives, every remotely stylish item they own will lead back to Elias in some way. And for that, we thank him.