Kaelen Haworth

Kaelen Haworth

Creative Director & CEO, Kaelen. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Kerri Scales
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

There’s nothing we love more than featuring friends on this here site. And after driving for 10 days and over 1,000 miles from New Orleans, to Austin, Marfa and Dallas in what can only be described as a war rig (no joke, it was a souped up Jeep that floated what felt like 10 feet off the ground on hydraulics), we kind of count Kaelen Haworth, the designer of her eponymous label, as a friend.

Another thing: during the aforementioned journey (it was her inspiration trip as sponsored by the W Hotels CFDA Fashion Incubator program, of which she is a part), we got a real taste for how the designer shops. And chances are if we see you buying fringed leather boleros, oversized white shirts by Tome and vintage turquoise jewelry, and shipping a 40-pound pink marble vase home to New York (that’s commitment), you better believe we’ll be knocking on your door asking for a peek at your closet.

A month or two later, cut to us doing exactly that: showing up at Haworth’s East Village apartment, which is huge, just FYI (by any standards, not just Manhattan’s), and full of collectibles. The whole place kind of amounts to the type of place you imagine yourself living in when you’re an adult, but not too grown-up, if you know what we mean. And our shopping hypothesis was proved totally right: girl knows a good piece when she’s sees it. On top of her own designs (we’ve had our eye on her striped dress from last season for a while), she was stocked in the way of jackets by Balenciaga, Givenchy and Jacquemus, heels by Miu Miu, Fendi and Stella McCartney and dresses by Chloé and Alexander McQueen. Oh, that, and a cartload of CHANEL bags. Guys, are we still of the appropriate age to borrow from our friends’ closets?