Deborah Pagani

Deborah Pagani

Designer, Deborah Pagani Jewelry. New York

Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

If we have anything in common, chances are you have a litany of back-up careers on mental deck in case of the unspeakable. Or in the case of general existential crises. Toe-may-toe, tuh-maw-toe.

At the top of that list? Jewelry designer. And in the case of Deborah Pagani, it's not exactly difficult to see why: girl makes all of that hustle look easy. And insanely glamorous. We think the closet full of Alaïa might have the teeniest bit to do with that. But seriously—we miiight have to come back for that leather jacket. And that trio of black-and-white minidresses. The cage booties, too.

There's endless reasons to find Pagani's lifestyle appealing: her custom Hermès ("I've been trying to find the artist to paint another bag, but unfortunately he is nowhere to be found!”), killer, esoteric beauty routine (featuring collagen powder shakes and a not-on-shelves-until-2016 concoction from Beyoncé's colorist, Rita Hazan). Oh, and there's the whole, actual designer part of her day. “For the design process, I usually start off by choosing a muse. I imagine what ‘she’ would be wearing and then infuse my own style into it. I also spend a lot of time doing research." If Pagani's designs are any indication, we're pretty sure this type of research is definitely up our alley.

Having spent some 20-odd years living in the city, Pagani's trusty Rolodex of spots to go pretty much sum up our dream day. “My favorite places are the Neue Galerie—between the literal architecture and the [Gustav] Klimt, it's just magic. [Also], the Mark Hotel and 5 Bar Karaoke because they have private rooms with poles and all the Don Julio you can ask for!” Dream job, dream life, dream day... see where we're going with this?