Tone Your Arms, Abs & Tush (All At Once)

Do try this one at home.

It's the easiest excuse to make to get out of any workout: the time suck. "But I just don't have the tiiiiiime," you justify to yourself as you cancel on your trainer for the second time in the same week. We've been there, too—after all, there's after-work wine drink and snooze buttons to be hit. Rather than beat ourselves up, though, we're suggesting a new solution, and it's one that leaves plenty of time to indulge your very necessary early A.M. Instagram stalking: this quickie work-out, courtesy of the team at Kore New York.

In case you haven't heard, Kore is the latest in hyper-personalized, blood-pumping fitness—all set to a killer soundtrack to boot. Its classes combine cardio, free weights, resistance and High Intensity Interval Training into one tidy, very sweaty package. And while we can't promise the private car service they offer after classes (!) if you do this at home, you officially have our permission to take an Uber to your next destination if you complete this circuit. Guilt-free.



Move #1

TRX Squat to Bicep curl



Face the midpoint of the TRX and step closer to the center to add more weight to the exercise. Keep your arms straight and palms facing up as you lower your butt down below your knees into a low squat. Then engage your core. Lift your chest and elbows while using the momentum from your legs to pull you up into a Bicep curl, bringing your hands to your temples. Then extend your arms out again as you lower back down.


TRX SQUAT TO BICEP CURL Face the midpoint of the TRX... Read More

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Move #2

Kettlebell Squat to High Pull


Square your hips to the front, keep your chest up and shoulders engaged. Your arms are straight holding onto the horns of the kettlebell as you lift the weight off the ground. Keep your elbows high as you pull the bell underneath your chin and simultaneously squeeze your glutes and abs to stand up tall before straightening those arms again and lowering the weight back down.


KETTLEBELL SQUAT TO HIGH PULL Square your hips to the front,... Read More

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Move #3

Resistance Band Thruster


Step on the resistance band with your feet shoulder distance apart. Hold one strap at each shoulder as you sink your weight back onto your heels to a low squat keeping your chest up and your butt below your knees. Explode up through the back of those hamstrings and glutes using the pier from your legs to lift your arms up straight over head connecting your biceps to your ears. Then lower back down slowly.


RESISTANCE BAND THRUSTER Step on the resistance band with your feet... Read More

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Move #4

Kettlebell sit-up 


Grab a medium weight kettlebell by the horns and hold it behind your head with straight arms and an engaged core. Tuck your pelvis underneath you as you roll up slowly letting your abs stack on top of each other one at a time until your chest and back are straight up looking in front of you. Then lower down the same way you came up.


KETTLEBELL SIT-UP Grab a medium weight kettlebell by the horns and... Read More

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Move #5

Medicine ball standing twist


Put both palms on opposite ends of the medicine ball and extend your elbows out wide to each side. Tighten your core, engage your back and shoulders and stand tall as you cross your body with your left elbow to connect with your right knee. Reset in the center before repeating on the opposite side. Take it as fast or as slow as you want here!


MEDICINE BALL STANDING TWIST Put both palms on opposite ends of... Read More

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Move #6

TRX atomic push-up


Measure the straps to hit you in your calf muscle. Then pop one toe in each strap before descending into a plank position on your hands facing away from the midpoint. Raise your hips in the air maintaining the straight alignment of your back as you bring your toes towards your face to make a triangle at the top. Then slowly push your legs back until you're back in that straight plank and slowly lower down to a push-up then back up to your plank.


TRX ATOMIC PUSH-UP Measure the straps to hit you in your... Read More

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Move #7

Plank toe taps


With a straight back and your pelvis tucked in, engaging your kore, balance in a plank on your hands with your weight over your shoulders. Release your right hand and bring your left foot as close as you can inside your body towards your face and tap your toes with your finger tips. Keep the control in your core as you bring both your hand and foot back down to the floor and then repeat on the other side the same way. Pick up the pace once you feel confident in the exercise but be mindful of keeping your hips square to the floor instead of rotating with your arms.


PLANK TOE TAPS With a straight back and your pelvis tucked... Read More

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