casey fremont crowe

Casey Fremont Crowe

Executive Director, Art Production Fund. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

We first learned about Casey Fremont Crowe when we noticed photographs of a particular leggy blonde showing up on every art party slideshow on and (just scroll down and you’ll get why pretty quick). Then, in our usual, stalker-y fashion, we started following her on Instagram: like, like, like. And then, just a little while ago, in Marfa, Texas, when we made the pilgrimage to Prada Marfa, about 40 minutes down a deserted highway, whose name should we see on the plaque but—you guessed it!—Fremont Crowe’s. Turns out, in her role at Art Production Fund, she was one of the few who commissioned the project. #winning

After that, all it took was a flight to New York and we were at the door of Fremont Crowe’s DUMBO apartment (okay, so maybe there were some logistical emails in between). And there we were in her art-filled space (‘cause duh), being regaled by stories of Fremont Crowe’s father (part of Andy Warhol’s inner-inner circle), her job (running around keeping up with the art world’s latest and commissioning massive public works) and her life as a mother to two boys and a wife of a chef. In case you were wondering: yes, we had small (just teeny-weeny) pangs of jealousy.

And, well, since Fremont Crowe spends evenings out with the art crowd (that’s a thing, right?) she has the wardrobe to match. That would be Saint Laurent bags and dresses, printed frocks by Isabel Marant and Carven, Céline sunglasses and Alexander Wang heels, and the kind of flats that make up our city-stomping dreams (Balenciaga sandals, classic Roger Viviers, CHANEL boots—you get the picture). Because at the end of the day, no matter how many glamorous events she attends, Fremont Crowe understands one thing: "I do really enjoy wearing a fabulous gown from time to time, but my absolute favorite thing to wear are fabulous comfortable shoes! That doesn’t mean flats, but the pitch of the shoe makes all the difference. Nights out at openings, dinners, galas, wherever, can mean I’m on my feet for hours. I find it hard to think, let alone participate in conversation if my feet are sore." Girl, we totally get you.