7 Ways To Feel Your Best In 60 Seconds

Consider what we’re about to say about your #IWokeUpLikeThis dogma.

7 Ways To Feel Your Best In 60 Seconds

No really, we can pretty accurately equate the forthcoming scenarios with feeling Bey-level confident. Or at least, we like to think so.
If the thought of stepping out in a tiny little two-piece or a strategically cutout romper makes your palms sweat, we feel you. We get that you don’t have time for extra last-minute miles on the treadmill (seriously, who does?) before your next figure-hugging sartorial excursion. But because we’re always looking out for you (duh), we found some quick fixes to looking and feeling at the top of your game in a minute flat.



Good Posture


The sound of mom’s voice as she’s nagging us to sit up straight and put our knees in front of us when sitting in a chair (still working on that one—sorry mom!) echos in our heads every so often. Not to sound redundant or anything, but mom was right. Standing up straight creates the appearance of confidence and for those of us that are vertically challenged, also makes for a taller appearance. A great (read: easy) exercise to help undo the 9-to-5 slouch, is the 'Superman'. Do this: lie down on the mat, face down. Synchronously lift your arms, legs and chest off the floor. Hold for two seconds. Slowly lower. For the yogis (and others) reading this over the interweb, work on your twists to really correct tight backs and shoulders.



Take the Stairs


Confession: we, at TC HQ, take the elevator almost exclusively up to our office. Okay, so we’re not on the 45th floor of some skyscraping tower, we’re just three sets to our desks—A.K.A we don’t have any excuse to forego the stairs. But when our deep-dive research for this story turned up how getting a bit of extra step action could give us a nice post-hot-yoga-esque glow and simultaneously tone our buttocks region, we changed our elevator habits, ASAP.




Shoot Apple Cider Vinegar


This may be the only time swigging shooters in the morning is actually approps. Here’s the deal: a shot (or two) of apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, which has been proven (because science) to aid with weight loss. Plus, it’s been said to help prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease.



Use Your Body Weight


You’ve seen it before (at the very least on Baywatch), muscly shirtless men throwing down some pushups on the beach for some last minute definition. There is some method to this, er, slightly douche-y madness. And ladies, it can work for us too. Just before you slip into your teeny Kiini or that plunge-to-there dress, do 10 jumping jacks, a few pushups and hold a plank for as long as possible. You’ll feel instantly more toned and look it too.



Drink Lemon Water


What do coconut water, aloe water, alkaline water and kombucha all have in common? They’ve all taken a proverbial backseat to the new super-drink: lemon water. We’ll lay it all down for you: lemon water decreases inflammation, aids digestion (uh, reduces bloating), is full of pectin fiber which curbs appetites, detoxifies blood (= less acne, friends), freshens breath :+1:, gives you energy. All equating to feeling hella good and looking :ok_hand:, too.



Sleep In Complete Darkness


Guys, you can burn calories in your sleep. Shut the blinds for cave-like darkness and your body will produce extra melatonin (a handy little hormone that burns fat).



Don't Drink So Much—it's called PDA, friends.

PDA: Post Drinking Anxiety. It’s a thing.

We already know that alcohol has some not-so-good effects on our bods. But given that we know all too well the after effects of loving a glass, or three, of rosé on a Thursday, we also have first-hand experience with the sugary hangover. But further to the day-after effects (and ensuing anxiety), cocktails can actually effect complexion and mood. Skip out on the alcohol and opt for a virgin non-sugar beverage if you want to feel :100:.


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