Rebecca Caratti

Rebecca Caratti

Editor-In-Chief, Buro 24/7 Australia. Sydney

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Renée Rodenkirchen

We kind of already knew that Australians can be a stylish bunch, even before we arrived in Sydney. We mean, we’ve been following the likes of Margaret Zhang and Nicole Warne for years. But, guys, nothing prepared us for the motherload of designer amazingness that is Rebecca Caratti’s closet. SO MUCH CÉLINE. And Saint Laurent. And Valentino. And Balenciaga. And… the list really does go on and on.

We’ll get back to all her goodies in a minute, but first, a little bit about the woman herself. Let’s just say, her immaculate taste has come from years of working at the zenith of the Australian fashion industry (a.k.a. Australian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar) and that was all before she worked for nearly two years as a stylist in London and Paris. Now, she’s is back down under, having just launched the country’s very own edition of Buro 24/7—we mean, if we were Miroslava Duma, we would’ve hired Caratti, too.

And the woman definitely has a wardrobe to match her plum new gig. Her collection of Balmain blazers, Louis Vuitton spike heels and Bulgari jewelry is the kind that has “Editor-in-Chief of glamorous fashion startup” written all over it. Consider that alongside her down-to-a-science skincare routine and enviable assortment of Australian photography, and Caratti is pretty much who we want to be when we grow up. Because did we mention the Céline?