Charlotte Beecham

Founder & Designer, Charlotte Simone. London

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Our love of fun fur is thoroughly documented. Much like Lil' Kim and Jenna Lyons before us, we're not afraid of draping ourselves in fluffy pastels; and we definitely don't mess around when it comes to brightly-hued shrugs, chubby coats and clutches. Blame it on our roots—there's no better accompaniment to a Canadian tuxedo. And that is precisely why, when, during a recent trip to London, we really felt we found a kindred spirit in Charlotte Beecham—better know as Charlotte Simone, the moniker you find splashed across her collection of dip-dyed 'popsicle' stoles and outsized bon-bon clutches—soul sisters, even.

And when we stopped by her London flat, the camaraderie didn't exactly stop at the stoles—we walked in, and the first thing we spied was a baby CHANEL bag atop a pile of coffee table books and an illustration of Anna Wintour and Hillary Clinton, side-by-side, triumphantly flipping the bird. And fresh peonies dotting what felt like every corner of her space. Yup, pretty sure we may have been separated at birth.

In terms of Beecham's day-to-day, though, by the looks of things (a.k.a. her closet) the designer kind of had things boiled down to a tomboy-ish science: overalls and boyfriend jeans, cool sneakers (Superga, New Balance, Adidas, in an array of saturated hues), and a tissue-thin tee or button-down. Oh, and a killer bag (Céline, CHANEL, a fluffy pastel Bon-Bon bag of her own making). As for nights out? Easy-breezy jumpsuits and strappy heels for a drink at Shoreditch House. And by now, we don't need to tell you how we feel about anyone who has their uniform sorted. Not gonna lie, we may have attempted to slip out with her Love Leather bomber and a Bon-Bon or two.