Editors' Picks: Mother's Day Edition

Editors' Picks: Mother's Day Edition

What we're giving our moms this Sunday. Because she's the best, c'mon.

We like to shop. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like shopping, too. What we really like, though, is snooping what other people are buying, contemplating buying, and going on to wear, use and love. With that notion, Editor's Picks was born: each week, we'll be breaking down the beauty products and fashion pieces that are taking up real estate in our digital shopping carts now. Oh, and don't mind us if we throw in a few not-so-material things in for good measure. We swear its synchronicity with pay day is only a coincidence.

But this week, we're changing things up a bit. Instead of spending our paycheques on us, we're blowing it all on the most important person in our lives: our moms. Because, no one deserves it more.  


Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

I have a 5 month old… actually he turned 5 months today. And guys, let me tell you, being a new mom is no joke: there’s lots of poop, early mornings (we’re talking 5am on a Sunday, early)... and after-work drinks are pretty much out of the question most nights. The payoff is this face, and that mop of ombré hair. Yeah, so I should probably mention I’m a dog-mom, hence the dog bowl Walter is getting me… for him. But before you give me that eye roll, just know that the struggle of being a single mom to a dog is real.


And the ONE person that has been the absolute most supportive, helpful and just downright the BEST in this whole life transition (a.k.a. getting a puppy), is my mom. Like, better than any other mom. Ever. Seriously though, I thought she couldn’t get better. Let me explain: if you know Perla (chances are she has you on Facebook), she’s the loudest in the room (have you ever met an Argentinian that wasn’t?), will always be the first one to get up and dance (even if the situation doesn’t call for it :see_no_evil:), and sometimes, uh, more often than not, doesn’t filter a single thing she says. And everyone loves her for it—mom has more friends IRL than Derek Blasberg. If I’m able to pry her away from her multiple daily social outings, we’ll be heading to the spa, for what I hope is a relaxing afternoon. You know, if she can keep still. And since her and my dad (have to wait until June to talk about him) are renovating our family home, I’m getting them this amazing candle to sit on the mantle. 


Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

Most people are fortunate enough to have moms they can only describe as the best. But guys, my mom? She's the best. She's the kind of mom who would answer my relentless long-distance phone calls with inane questions about the location of ballet shoes and money for field trips in the middle of staunchly corporate conference calls. In other words, she deserves some fancy shit.

First up, a tawny Gucci tote bag with a bamboo handle, as an update to the now-battered one she bought in Italy decades ago. Its current sad state is partly due to my pilfering it from her closet during my mall rat days, so it's only fair, really. Second? These rainbow-hued Burberry birkenstocks. My mom has a burgeoning Birkenstock obsession (she's German—it's practically her birthright), and so you can imagine her vindication when, after a lifetime of me mocking her collection, I purchased my own pair last summer. In homage to her lifelong love, I'm contemplating picking her up a new pair. And finally, Dr. Sebagh's Rose de Vie hydrating mask. My mom has a near-obsessional relationship with skincare (the Dior Beauty counter girl calls her just to catch up and knows the intimate ins-and-outs of my life, despite having never met me), which she passed down to me, and this bad boy is just the thing to bond over.


Alicia Cesaro

Editorial Assistant

First things first. I have to give you the down low on my mother before we get into this whole gift-giving thing. It's really important, so bear with me. 1. My mom, aka Karen, aka Big K, never (ever) leaves the casa without her signature fuchsia lip and swipe of violet (not purple) liner. Now I know, you're probs picturing the likes of Ru Paul, but on the contrary. She's the most natural looking, glamorous (I know, everyone and their mailman says this about their mom, but it's the most true), looking individual ever and this subtle combination just works for her (and has for the last 30-something years). Enter this Tom Ford beaut. Because moms just deserve to experience all the butteriness of a Tommy F lip color (especially when they've raised three, four if you count my Dad, hellions). 2. She's also the biggest fan and (self-proclaimed) collector of yellow gold. My mom's been rocking the golden arm party, ring stack and necklace look waaay before it even came back into fash-un, so this Jennifer Fisher cuff is perfect. Plus, what says I love you, thanks for always feeding me, more than your children's initials encrusted in diamonds? 3. Karen is also renowned in the fam for her pajama game. Actually though. I can't remember a morning—spring, summer, fall, winter—when she didn't pad downstairs in her full PJ getup. I'm talking, two piece set, robe, slippers, the whole sch'bang. Since I won't be there for our annual brunch (hi from Canada, guys!), she can rock this inky-blue silk set and look chic AF for our Skype sesh. TBH though, take away all the materialistic stuff, enchanting as it may be, and I owe my Mom an endless amount of gratitude for raising me with l-o-v-e and always being there. End sentimental rant.


Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

Straight up, no bullshit, my mom is my best friend in the whole world—quite literally now seeing as she lives with my dad on a sailboat on which they’re currently cruising the coast of Brazil. It’s a long distance friendship, but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t hold sway over her sartorial choices. She recently made the big leap and started wearing bikinis again for the first time since she had me (that’s close to thirty years, people, but incessant yoga, kayaking and sailing does a body good, apparently) and this long Mara Hoffman shirt is the perfect cover up for South American beaches.

And while I’m at it, the other maternal women in my life deserve their recognition, too. After all, they would all answer my call and take me out for sushi whenever, wherever. For my aunt, who shares my expensive taste for Prada and Alexander Wang (she smartly chose a much more practical and lucrative career though, so she can actually make good on her obsessions), I’m getting this Comme des Garçons wallet. She already carries a Comme, but I’m partial to this embossed version and I’m pretty sure she will be, too. (And this way, I get her old cast off.) For my grandmother, I’d love to send her an iPad. She lives in Oslo, Norway, and, frankly, email just doesn’t cut it in comparison to the conversations we have when we’re together in person. A piece of technology like this would surely help with the FaceTime connection, right?

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