Mother's Day, Done Right

Mother's Day, Done Right

Remington Guest of The Cheap, The Best & The Hidden breaks down bi coastal Mother's Day excursions you'll actually want to do.

As anyone who's found themselves posted up at a Duane Reade in the wee hours sorting through wilted baby's breath and Hallmark cards can attest, Mother's Day is the sort of holiday that requires careful, concise planning. Things have a tendency to get cliché and contrived, well, fast. And no matter how many times our beloved mothers swear they love homemade brunch for the umpeenth year in a row, we think that this year, they deserve an upgrade—one that comes courtesy of Remington Guest, the man behind The Cheap, The Best & The Hidden. He's been kind enough to put together his guide to doing mother's day right on both coasts, because your mom deserves better than a half-assed DIY omelette.


Yo. I'm BAAAAAAACK Cov Fam. I know, you missed me, but I’ve been working DAILY, TBH. But I’m back now; and yes, I’m about to save you from yourself again. It’s Mothers Day and I’m NOT gonna let you tank this one again. So lets get it, the PERFECT DAY with your mom, on mothers day, that you will also enjoy almost as much as this smug emoji seems to be pleased with everything :smirk:.

Note: this is like, if you really, really love your mom IRL, so you can crush this day and do everything here, or take a part of a day and do that too, if you're too busy on mothers day for your mom, you pigeon.



Remember Gjusta? Yeah, well, if you know anything, you would know Gjusta is the shiznit. Remember shiznit? I don’t remember the last time I heard someone say that. LOL D shiznit.

So start at Gjusta, with a nice breakfast. V CHILL because we know you ain't finna getting yourself into any non chill situations. YOU WOULDN'T DO THAT TO MOM. Now take a stroll over to Abbot Kinney. It’s the perfect walk with mom. You can even go to Rag & Bone and get coordinating moccasins for the day

These moccasins are such fire your mom will j'adore. Dont forget about Intelligentsia, where you can take mom to relax for a bit because you really wear her down. Then you can hit the beach, or not—it’s your life, build it.  Now head to Just One Eye. How is mom supposed to know how much you love her if you don’t buy her some next level swag? She might forgive you for when you were a beast child.

Mom's hungry, did you forget!? For lunch, head to Terrine where you will surely have one of the more epic meals of the year. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

 Pain perdu? Spicy fried chicken and grits? You’re welcome.

Now it's time to take mom to Melrose Place. Check out the shops, trap out in APC, and grab a coffee at Alfred's before moms appointment at Violet Grey. She’ll get a beauty consolation and her makeup done for dinner. They'll show her all the new skin and makeup swag and she'll love it. 

Finally it’s dinner time. You gave mom this amazing cookbook at some point during the day with a card and flowers, which is perfect because you’ll be eating at Lucques who happened to collab with April Bloomfield on the book. SHE CAN TASTE THE BOOK YOU GOT HER. 

Oh shit, g2g, it’s Instagram primetime.



320 Sunset Ave, Venice, CA 9029


"Pastries are insane, as is the lox. Don’t sleep on the hot sandwiches."



3922 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029


"Lattes are the move here."



8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


"One of my favorite day time menus. Pain Perdu is incredible, as is the fried chicken, and literally any egg dish."



8428 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069


"Iced Americano."


Violet Grey

8452 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069

"The salespeople are your guides here. They know it all and I’m not going to pretend to."



8474 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069


"It’s a special mothers day menu, safe travels."



New York City


My mom is so fucking cool guys. It’s true, I call her so many times a day she had to enforce specific hours I could call. My life’s like the Capitol in the Hunger Games, no calling mom before 11 A.M. and no calls after 7. Don’t pretend like you aint love my mom too—I know you see those mom's Monday recipes I’ve been posting.  Who do you think those are coming from?! You could just take one of those recipes and cook that for mothers day and call it, or you can live this next level day. 

So brunch is first, because brunch is the best. Go to Prune, and put your name down. There’s something so mothers day about Prune, plus you can go IN on Bloody Marys with mom. While you wait for your table, walk over to Abraco, aka the best coffee shop in the world. Can you IMAGINE HOW TOMMY TON APPROVED YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THIS SUIT, GUYS, LADIES, COFFEE IN HAND STROLLING IN THE EV WITH UR MUM?? By the time you get back to Prune, you should be at least closer (?) to being seated. Life's struggles will never evade you.

After Prune, take mom to NikeLab, 21 Mercer. This is where you cop mom some fresh crepes and maybe for yourself, because you’ve been a good lad. She'll thank you because this is New York babes, and you’re walking everywhere. Stroll down Houston, and, who knows, you might get lucky and not have all of ladder 1 through 49 blare past you, followed by multiple ambulance horns. Get mom over to The Meadow. Its a salt, chocolate, and FLOWER shop. Buy mom some flowers here while she looks at salts and eats chocolate. Dope boutiques giving that very authentic vibe. :heavy_check_mark:

If you’re hungry, hit Untitled. It’s Danny Meyers brand new restaurant in the brand new Whitney aka that new new. Or start with the Whitney, then hit untitled. I just take you to the lake, I don’t have any straws, chéri.

I live on coffee and require one every 30 minutes so this is when I walk to bluebottle a few blocks away, right inside of Milk Studios. Cool points. :basketball: Swish.

Dinner is going to be so non cliche—you’re taking mom to the new Mexican spot, Rosies. All moms really just want to get turnt on margaritas with their children, and enjoy incredible Mexican food. Try and get a table by the sidewalk it has those beachy Palm Springs vibez meets Broad City. Obviously give mom a dope card and tell her you love her ETC ETC ETC. Don’t fuck that up. Ok guys that’s all I got for you. I’m totes hungover from the Met Gala.



86 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003


"Get a latte, iced or hot. They’re the best you’ll ever have. 

Pastries are wild too. All made in house. Top picks are the babka and olive oil cake. Probably the best you’ll have anywhere."



54 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003


"Can’t go wrong. Make sure to get a bloody mary, though."



21 Mercer StreetNew York, NY 10013


"Don’t forget to look in the back of the store. There’s swag all over."


The Meadow

523 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014


"Buy some salt, they have insane flavors."



99 Gansevoort Street New York, NY 10014

"I mean, pancakes are fluff city, burger is honestly :ok_woman:. Get what you feel like. It’ll be dope."

Whitney Museum

99 Gansevoort Street New York, NY 10014


"Check out the art for culturing. The highline is right below the Whitney."


Blue Bottle

450 W 15th St

"Iced New Orleans is still my favorite."



29 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10003


"The paloma grapefruit margarita is everything."



—Remington Guest

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