Poppy Delevingne

Model. New York. In Collaboration with Bloomingdale's

"The accessory I feel naked without would have to be my dirty, filthy cackle of a laugh."

In case you haven't realized just yet, Poppy Delevingne kind of knows how to nail a sound bite.

Consider it a skill necessary to the wheelhouse that defines her whole persona—ditto her perma-tousled blonde waves, the raspy Belgravia-born-and-bred accent, the ability to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even after a night and early morning spent at, say, Burning Man or table dancing in Ibiza. In short, it's just her thing.

Given that, at this point, we're more than well-acquainted with Delevingne, we were more than game when she and Bloomingdales invited us over for a little springtime dress-up. Greeting us at her temporary home base in Brooklyn, she was clad in a white-on-white short suit with various cut-outs and blue embroidered detailing. "My favorite fashion indulgence would have to be anything by Hedi Slimane or gold jewelry. I just love layering it over and over again and I don’t think you can ever have enough. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, bits in your hair, body chains. Anything that’s a little bit exotic," Delevingne explained as we thumbed through her things. It's probably a testament to her natural affinity for the camera that she was able to slip between looks, chameleon-like, into everything from a more pared-down ombré sweatshirt and blue jeans to a starburst-print jumpsuit that wouldn't look out of place at Studio 54. In between takes, we got into a little lightning round game of either/or, too, talking everything from cinematic style icons ("Liv Tyler in Empire Records or Patricia Arquette in True Romance"), favorite foods ("spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp style") and even SoulCycle ("I especially love the Britney Spears versus Christina Aguilera classes").

The line that really stood out, though? Delevingne's essential piece of especially sage beauty-advice-cum-life hack. "The most surprising thing in my purse would probably have to be a spare pair of knickers. I think they make the best hair ties. It’s a life tip!," she exclaimed, that signature laugh echoing. Told you she knew a thing or two about soundbites.