Camille Seydoux

Fashion & Celebrity Stylist; Consultant. Paris

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Stephanie Mark

There are people (people whom we’re truly jealous of), who possess an innate sense of style that no amount of training, gleaning over magazines or experience could ever get you. And in some cases (like the one of, say, Camille Seydoux), the whole fashion thing comes so naturally, that when she decided to give her movie star sister a hand with dressing for a red carpet a few years ago, she ended up making her, well, a bit of a style icon. Now, on top of dressing her sister (Léa Seydoux, the French ingénue best known for Blue is the Warmest Color), she’s putting the likes of Adèle Exarchopoulos and Bérénice Bejo in Prada and custom Louis Vuitton. So, yeah, innate style—make that styling—is obviously Seydoux’s thing.

But, we mean, it probably all goes back to being born-and-bred Parisian. And, when it comes to nature and nurture, there’s literally nothing we can do to compete. And showing up at Seydoux’s apartment during Paris Fashion Week, well, all our suspicions were essentially proven true.

Exhibit A: her outsized handbag collection, which, TBH looks more like a styling pull for a Paris Vogue shoot than a personal wardrobe. But this is the person we’re dealing with, guys. Also: her excess of spot-on CHANEL, Louis Vuitton and Prada. But we’ve gotta say, her confidence in her own taste is probably the best indication of the fact that she’s just, well, got it. On her styling relationship with her sister: “If I tell her, 'I would love a deep yellow color for your BAFTA dress,' then she loves it,” she explained to us as we stared longingly at a particularly dreamy Miu Miu plaid coat. “As sisters we trust each other; she knows I will never let her down or disappoint her.” That may be true, but, we mean, we’d totally trust Seydoux with our wardrobe, too.