Everywhere You Need to Shop in Sydney

Everywhere You Need to Shop in Sydney

Two neighborhoods and lots of opportunities to eat along the way. Because that’s how we do.

Okay guys, this isn’t anything new, like at all, but we’re suckers for practically anything that requires rummaging through racks on racks of impeccably curated garb. It is kind of how we got made, y’know? So when we were persuaded to spend an afternoon shopping with Urban Walkabout in New South Wales' Sydney during our recent trip down-under, we didn't exactly protest. Pepper in some seriously delicious epicurean pit stops along the way and we had ourselves a pretty nice afternoon.

We made sure to take notes along the way and bring back a few souvenirs for our own wardrobes as little trophies of our, shall we say, successful venture. Here you can follow our Stan Smith-shaped footsteps (comfort is key and shopping is a serious activity), so you’re well prepared for your next trip.

In collaboration with Destination NSW.

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