Editors' Picks: Tax Return Splurge

Editors' Picks: Tax Return Splurge

What we want to spend our return on (if it was about a thousand times larger than it realistically will be).

We like to shop. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like shopping, too. What we really like, though, is snooping what other people are buying, contemplating buying, and going on to wear, use and love. With that notion, Editor's Picks was born: each week, we'll be breaking down the beauty products and fashion pieces that are taking up real estate in our digital shopping carts now. Oh, and don't mind us if we throw in a few not-so-material things in for good measure. We swear its synchronicity with pay day is only a coincidence.



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor



Full disclosure: I haven't even filed my taxes yet. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm cutting it close. But one thing I have already planned for is what I'm going to do with all that extra $$$ (okay, chances are the return won't be that hefty, but here's hoping). So when that check comes in the mail, I'm planning a nice little upgrade to my #shelfie (because to be honest, my home has been a bit neglected as of late) with some insanely stunning rough amethyst bookends. And in the spirit of upgrades (and the impending summer—it's going to get here eventually, right?), I'm also going to add this femme-y floral gown to my wardrobe. I mean, I'm sure I'll find somewhere to wear it.


Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor



As I desperately anticipate summer—no, wait, spring (it’s still not here yet)—the one thing I want more than anything is just to be outside. It doesn’t even need to be hot, it just needs to be comfortable. Simple, and yet, there’s probably no better place to be outside than Big Sur. Specifically, Post Ranch Inn, which isn’t exactly simple (see: $$$$$), but the in-room massages, morning yoga and just hanging out on those incredible ocean-side terraces sounds pretty good right about now. And just so we’re clear, when I’m sipping my evening sauvignon blanc, I’ll be wearing this Chloé dress from the spring collection of my dreams. I mean, my tax return will be a miniscule fraction of the cost of a long-weekend plus new long-weekend wardrobe, but I have savings, guys, from all those pointless Zara shopping sprees I haven’t been going on.



Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor



Real talk: flights and hotels to idyllic Newfoundland (that's in Canada, BTW) cost roughly the equivalent to that of your choice locale in Europe (we mean, it *is* a stone's throw away); and my tax return will not be nearing anywhere remotely near those digits. But this is the Internet, where I can happily pin my fantasy life into existence. If that's the case, I'm using my imaginary pennies towards a weekend at Fogo Island Inn, an insanely dope spot with floor-to-ceiling windows that almost appears to be floating out of the island and overlooks the ocean. As for the Roksanda? I'm pretty sure a retreat somewhere that majestic deserves a dress like this.



Stephanie Mark

Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder



I may need to save up several seasons of tax returns... but a week (or two!) at this resort in Bali seems like the ultimate splurge! In the meanwhile, I am always on the road and find it hard to stick to a healthy eating regimen. Truth be told, even when I'm not travelling I get thrown off track. Sessions with Oz Garcia (if it's good enough for Gwenyth...) would hopefully be the motivation I need to learn about and stick to some good habits!

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