Lilly Bunn

Interior Designer; Owner, Lilly Bunn Inc. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Kerri Scales

What did you want to be when you were 13?

But seriously, we’re talking that distinct period of time after the dolphin trainer/veterinarian/marine biologist goals of your animal-loving preteen years, and before your angsty I’m-totally-going-to-be-a poet/bass player/stage-actress late high school years. If you were anything like us, we’ll take a wild guess and say you wanted to be one of two things: a fashion editor or an interior designer. (We’ll put it out there now and say we never really emerged from this phase of our lives. It’s also the reason we consider popcorn and Diet Coke important food groups and continue to put lemon juice in our hair when in the sun.)

And although we’re pretty self-satisfied by the fact that we ended up being able to casually call ourselves fashion editors, Lilly Bunn did us one better. Not only was she a fashion editor—a real one, too, at a big glossy magazine in New York—she gave it all up to be an interior designer. :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: Not fair!

Then again, for Bunn, interior design is no pre-teen fantasy: she makes printed wallpaper and pink plush accents look easy. And her Upper East Side apartment she shares with her husband and their two daughters? Its pretty much where we imagined ourselves living when we had that interior designer fantasy. Her CHANEL and Céline bag collection, propensity for Christian Louboutins and canny ability to mix Zara with Valentino, though, beat out anything we could have come up with tearing through our copies of Seventeen.