Nicole Cari

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Band of Outsiders. Los Angeles

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

A precautionary note is required here: our West Coast lifestyle envy is strong. The temptation to run away to a little bungalow in Silverlake is all too real, and the likes of Nicole Cari are not helping. Like, one bit.

Deep in the hills of Echo Park, we found ourselves at Cari's insanely modern, impossibly industrial abode—all exposed brick, floor-to-ceiling windows, almost floating out amongst the greenery. "My house is super modern, so I wanted to make it feel cozy with the Moroccan fluffy rug, big comfy couches, soft blankets... I’m not an art collector, but luckily I have friends who are super talented artists. So I just put up their work!" Cari explained as she gave us the grand tour and as we spied what would make for the perfect homes for her vintage jean jacket and fitted Prada car-print dress.

As VP of Marketing & Communications at Band of Outsiders, Cari essentially functions as Scott Sternberg's right hand; helping to produce shows, and the brand's famed Polaroid campaigns, among, well, everything else. She's been with the brand for a near-decade and as she puts it, "has been happy at Band ever since!"

"Scott is possibly the most creative person I’ve ever met. He inspires me on a daily basis and I love collaborating on ideas with him and seeing them come to life," she exclaimed as we made our way through her tightly-edited selection of Miu Miu (a dreamy, embellished cocktail dress), Prada (an embroidered, cropped jacket), Louis Vuitton (a sweet little short suit) and Band (well, duh).

Effortlessly changing between a floor-length, forest green Band maxi and denim faux-shorteralls, the real magic was made however, when Cari slipped into an almost entirely sheer sheath of a vintage frock. Cari, pulling her hair back into a haphazard half-up, half-down bun; of course, made the whole thing look like a million dollars. Hear that? That was us collectively sighing and buying a one-way ticket.