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April's Most Coveted

Everything we want right now.

April's Most Coveted

So now that you’ve prematurely debuted that barelegged midi, spent a weekend sporting Mini Egg-stuffed chipmunk cheeks, and even dared to expose a toe or two without fearing frostbite, it’s finally time. You’ve made it. The worst is over. Time to trade in those plush parkas for cinched waists, weatherproof totes for bags with (literal) attitude, and salt-crusted boots for lace-up heels.
Unless, you know, you live where tolerable weather goes to die (hashtag runnin’ through the 6ix with our woes). Then maybe hold out a couple more weeks.
Here’s what we’ve been lusting after this month.



We love us a good collab, and when said union conjures up what we can only describe as Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe time-machined to 2015, consider our Visas maxed and our denim game on chic. With architectural ruffles decorating pant legs and vest sleeves, Irish designer Simone Rocha’s 14-piece collection is equal parts romantic and rock ‘n roll (case in point: what may be the most haute denim jacket we’ve ever seen).

Marjorie Gubelmann“My Edie Parker ‘Mad Marj’ gold sparkle clutch is my favorite evening bag. It totally captures my Mad Marj persona! My turntables at home are mounted on an amazing table made for me in Germany by Hoerboard. They make DJ equipment tables that look good in your home; otherwise I would have my turntables and mixer on a dirty trunk! I spin with bright blue vinyl’s for a touch of color, always."


It’s like the age-old saying: actions speak louder than words — unless these words are scrawled on an acrylic clutch. Since we spotted sassy sayings etched into plexiglass Chanel minaudières, we’ve been fiending wordy accessories like the diehard academics (or, you know, moderate readers) we are.  


We’ll be the first to admit we were anti-gingham—the demure checks called to mind a little too much ‘50s housewife/Dorothy’s pinafore/Dolly Parton for our taste. But even if the pixilated plaids are a little too picnic for your comfort zone, paired with cutouts, electric hues and asymmetrical hemlines, this season the syrupy-sweet print is all grown up.

Kristen Noel Crawley“I have to really be inspired by something or an idea has to come into my head [while designing]. I can’t just sit down and be like, ‘I’m going to design today.’ I have to be inspired by something. So when I am inspired by something, it’s so random. Sometimes I’ll just be driving and I’ll think of an idea. Or I’ll see something outside and then I’m like, ‘that would make an amazing ring.’ When I do think of something, usually I’ll just put it in my notes in my iPhone. Then when I get home, I’ll draw it out. I have so many designs right now that I want to take it slow and have longevity in the field.”


Nothing makes an outfit more instantly elegant than floss-thin laces criss-crossing up an ankle (especially when said laces are fastened to Isabel Marant snakeskin sandals). While we’re wary of anything that creeps into gladiator territory, these dainty laces are anything but warrior princess.



Five months of polar vortexes, beanies and gratuitous scalding showers have sucked what seems to be every drop of keratin from our hair. Cue infinite split ends, Einstein-worthy flyaways and locks the texture of that wig you bought when you were Cher for Halloween. Not so Pantene Pro-V.  If we haven’t already hair-waxed poetic on the miracle that is Oribe, here it goes again: everything this stuff touches turns to silk. Needless to say, this month we’ll be burning the midnight oil—coconut, maracuja and argan, that is. 

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