What To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Medicine Cabinet

What To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Medicine Cabinet

Because those soft cotton shirts aren’t the only things worth borrowing.

Have you ever found yourself post-date night, curled up on the micro-suede couch in your boyfriend’s pad sans toothbrush or contact solution? Okay, so you may have remembered to throw a few necessities in your M2Malattier clutch before running out the door, but chances are you’re not going to pack up your entire bathroom cache and lug it to dinner. While we totally understand the need to follow your usual beauty modus operandi, a great migration back to your apartment is just not an option (even an Uber isn’t convenient enough). But guys, there’s a silver lining here (you know, besides nighttime snuggles): men’s products are kind of the shit.

Think about it for a second. The modern men’s vanity is lavishly equipped with an arsenal of goods. And no, they aren’t the same old women’s beauty products you file through at your local Sephora, only disguised by matte black sans serif packaging. They are so much more. Take for example the verbiage on product back labels: firm, precise, sophisticated, crafted to allure. Inside, uncomplicated lotions infused with delicate, androgynous spice. Yup, we can get on board with that. Forget emergency situations, we could make a lot of these part of our regular routine.

The Art of Shaving Lexington Collection

Fusion Razor

Maybe it’s their daily and seasonless grooming (we’ve been known to abandon our legs in frigid months) that spawn superior razors. Think about it, you’ll never see a man graze his face haphazardly with a disposable two-blade razor—let alone dry shave. We’ve all done it before, ladies. Maybe being forced to use his isn’t so bad after all—with a new blade of course.

Blind Barber

Shave Creme

There is something so luxurious and straight-up old school about the process of a gentleman’s shave—the velveteen foam shaving cream, vague scents like mint and gin; the gentle upward stroke of the straight blades purring over every curve of his face; the refreshing splash of a cold water rinse; and the trained slapping of aftershave. It’s a practice we’re sort of envious of. So today, take a little extra time in the bath and enjoy a good grooming, the guy’s way.

Malin + Goetz

SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

If there’s one product that can undo the toll of a couple of glasses of Chianti, it’s Malen + Goetz moisturizer. It’s loaded with seemingly the entire vitamin alphabet, SPF and fatty acids for perfect balance and hydration. One question: why isn’t this on our vanity already?

Tom Ford Oud Wood


There’s the general scent to love—a warm, woodsy musk—but then there’s the creamy smooth texture that glides onto your delicate underarms. And let’s be honest, we’ll pretty much touch anything emblazoned with Tom Ford's signature. Just sayin’.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel

Eye Depuffer

A late night often equates to puffy eyes in the morning. And since you know you’ll likely get blank stares from him for raiding his utensil drawer for a cold spoon, grabbing his depuffer is your best bet. The purchase one for yourself—this stuff is good.



Probably the least foreign object on your bf’s roster, Cetaphil has likely been on your radar, oh, since your pre-teen breakouts. While we’ll admit it’s not the most glamorous of items, it does do a pretty splendid job at washing off lip stain and concealer.

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