Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson

Model; Founder, Goldie Knots Jewelry; Creative Director & Co-Founder, Wander Beauty. New York

Modelling, for all of its perks (gifted gowns, omnipresent hair and make-up teams, and ‘gram-worthy whirlwind trips around the globe); is a tricky, curious trade. Once you get over the improbability of being able to make serious bank off of winning the genetic lottery; there's the whole losing game of actually staying relevant enough to book shows, campaigns and editorial shoots. Add the battle of attempting to boost social media followers across a dizzying number of platforms, and we feel ourselves craving a nap. Seriously, guys: how the hell does Kate Moss do it? And while it's nearly impossible to throw a rock (okay, fine, make that an Alexandra von Furstenberg paperweight) without hitting a half-dozen model-DJ-budding-bakery-mogul collaborating with an up-and-coming brand; Lindsay Ellingson has a different kind of back-up plan.

With her puppy by her side and clad in a cozy, oversized red cowlneck, Ellingson welcomed us into her bright Chelsea condo just a few days before fashion week descended on the city. Given that we'd admittedly always had Ellingson painted as a tee-and-jeans kind of girl, you can imagine our surprise when she made with the good stuff: a treasure trove of Alaïa, Saint Laurent and Céline. She copped to a serious thing for Balenciaga, too—after all, it was Nicolas Ghesquiere whom was one of the very first designers to give her a spot in a show when he was still at the French fashion house.

But back to that whole 'back-up plan' thing? While Ellingson came out with her own jewelry line a little while ago, it's her latest venture, Wander Beauty that has her—and us—especially excited. Jokingly dubbing herself a "walking Sephora", it turns out that all those hours spent backstage and on set doubled as a serious education for Ellingson—PYTs, take note.