Jermaine & Leslie Hall

Vice President & Managing Editor, BET Digital; President & Co-Founder, Iced Media. New York

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

This much is obvious: Jermaine and Leslie Hall aren't our first proverbial power couple rodeo. But when it comes to being at the pinnacle of careers that, together, pretty much encompass the cultural zeitgeist, the Halls have us beat. A quick CV run-down: as co-founder of Iced Media, Leslie has pioneered in the digital space for an entire host of brands, from those organic chips you can't stop buying at Whole Foods to Louis Vuitton. Jermaine, on the other hand, helmed Vibe as the magazine's EIC for five years before heading over to BET Digital this year. And yes, in case you were wondering, this means they kind of have the whole actually-shaping-culture-as-we-know-it thing down.

Heading to their home straight off a flight, Jermaine greeted us the door in a heather grey, neoprene Calvin Klein 'Obsession' sweater. After fawning over the five-foot-tall KAWS that greets you in their foyer, we made our way to the kitchen, where we met Leslie, clad in Missoni trousers and a buttery leather jacket from Burberry, bagels and cappuccinos in hand. After being introduced to their way cute, way precocious son, Jordan, we made our way to the closet. Just kidding, we ran. Our mothers are devastated.

The Halls' (twin, meticulously organized) closets, if anything, were a perfect reflection of the brands they've helped to build. While Leslie has a serious thing for throwback Louis Vuitton, Jermaine goes for nods to hip hop culture motifs and his Lakers obsession. There's hints of one another's influence in there, too: Leslie's trompe l'oeil vinyl record clutch from CHANEL, Jermaine's LV tie from the brand's collaboration with Stephen Sprouse.

As they posed together in an immaculate Calvin Klein suit and lace Erdem shift dress, respectively, we had to know: what are the chances two superlatively successful, smart people actually find their equal—and working in Manhattan, no less? Based on our, ahem, friends' dating horror stories, meeting-cute in New York is akin to the torture that is trying to find a non-cliché metaphor about the city. (See what we did there?) In what might just be the cutest "how-we-got-together" story, well, ever, Leslie told us that it wasn't as seamless as you'd imagine. "We worked together at Vibe Magazine in what was then called the ‘new media’ department back in the late '90s. Jermaine didn’t like me at all, and actually tattled on me to our boss within two weeks of me joining the company. Needless to say it was a rocky start, but we became great friends. We didn’t date until after we both left the company, and we were engaged within a year. This August we’ll be celebrating our 14th anniversary and he hasn’t tattled since." Told ya.