Your Horoscope for 2015

Astrology Zone's Susan Miller predicts your fashion & beauty horoscope for 2015.

Sometimes it's just not worth beating around the proverbial bush. Especially when it comes to astrological demi-goddess Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, whose rabid fanbase (which includes Glenn O'Brien, Mickey Boardman and Gloria Vanderbilt, to name a casual few) read her essay-like horoscopes, which, in turn, quite literally determines their choices (like buying homes, having children—y'know, just your average everyday major life decision). Well, the cat's out of the bag, kids: your 2015 horoscopes, including everything from career forecasting and how alike you and Taylor Swift *actually* are to whether you really should buy those Valentino espadrilles, are here, straight from Susan's MacBook keyboard.

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