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2015 Horoscope: Virgo

August 23rd - September 22nd

2015 Horoscope: Virgo
You are meticulous, well groomed, articulate and modest. Unlike Leo, the sign that likes to make an entrance, you tend to feel that the quality of your work and your reputation should proceed you. You love classic investment pieces that can take you through many seasons, and you know that accessories can easily provide the chic upgrade you require.

Virgo has fine, chiseled features, beautiful skin and members of your sign tend to be quite thin, for you are known to strive to eat right and exercise. Your ruler Mercury also coaxes you to move and fidget a lot—another reason for Mercury's penchant to stay thin. Your active, curious mind and ability to do thorough research is well known, and you write and edit as beautifully as you speak, a reason you find many Virgos working in publishing and broadcasting a editors and producers.

Karl Lagerfeld (September 10) is a Virgo and very typical of his sign. His attention to every detail is legendary, from the buttons, the linings, the hand-done embroidery or beadwork, the fasteners—nothing escapes Karl’s eagle eyes in each of his couture designs for CHANEL. Insiders know that Mr. Lagerfeld likes to meet with the pretty young actresses, models and “it” girls for inspiration. His active mind is curious about these young women’s mood and attitude of the moment, for clues to know where fashion is heading. This is an example of Virgo’s penchant to do thorough research, both scholarly and empirical. Karl Lagerfeld knows some of the best fashion trends start on the streets of Paris, Rome, New York and other great cities, and are bubbling up in the minds women before they, themselves, are aware that a new trend is about to rush in. New looks always stem from an attitude or perspective on life, and Mr. Lagerfeld is eager to get to the kernel of that truth.

Your Power Color:

Virgo’s colors are the soft hues that herald autumn: deep hunter green, chocolate brown, teal blue and navy. However, this year, especially in winter and spring, try adding touches of white and baby blue to add freshness to your wardrobe. You may consider a white trench by Burberry, inspired by the Olivia Pope on Scandal.

Flats or heels?

This year, you will need both. In the beginning, you will have a low-key role, so stick to flats.  At the start of 2015, your mission will be to delete elements of your life that are no longer working well for you to make room for the goodies Jupiter will bring you after it enters Virgo in mid-August. Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and has not crowned Virgo the celestial favorite (as it will this year) since mid-2002 through mid-2003. Simply said, you are entering the best year of your life in August 2015 and it will extend straight through September 2016.

Your Best Feature:

Virgo rules the lower stomach, and so Virgo usually is known to have a pancake flat stomach. Being quite fit, this year Virgo should show a sliver of midriff, whether at night in a two-piece gown, or in a summer outfit.

Career Forecast:

As a Virgo, you know that the success of any venture is in the preparation. In August you will begin a magical new cycle that will take you forward twelve years. The projects and relationships you forge now, prior to August, will be integral to the new paths that will open for you in abundance later. Delete any arrangement, obligation or relationship that drains you, for it will be important to create space for the new opportunities that will soon be offered to you. It would be a shame for you not to make room for the new that is coming—and while it will take faith to do so in some instances—you must.  Virgo is so well organized that you tend to take on more than you can handle, but in the coming period when Jupiter is in Virgo you will need to pick and choose carefully and not spread yourself too thin, so that you can fulfill the full extent of the promise the coming period holds.

Your Personal Style:

Love will be very bright in the second half of the year, once Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11, to make a nearly thirteen-month stay, until September 2016. The ancient astrologers knew that the very finest time to find your soul mate (if you have not already done so) was during the once-in-twelve year visit of Jupiter to your sign. You will soon have this privilege, so get ready and start improving your looks and wardrobe now, to be ready for your golden epoch. September through year’s end will be when to reach for your sky-high heels, and enjoy looking sexy in a way only Virgo can pull off—low-key, magnetic and unforgettable.

Virgo loves things to be productive, multi-functional, and demands quality so her wardrobe will last through several seasons. Even so, each piece has an edge, and will be striking in some way. Let’s not forget that Virgo rules all French couture.

The ladylike look is perfect for Virgo. The profusion of floral prints on the runways is a dream come true for your sign. Virgo rules the tiny flowers that grow on the side of the mountain and in fields and therefore, tiny flowers and prints are associated with your sign and would make you feel completely “you” in the most ravishing way possible. Add them to the on-trend gingham cotton dress or separates for spring as it will look very fresh on you. During the winter, chose a shrunken Chanel jacket, silk shell, and tea-length pencil skirt in white or black. In terms of accessories, a structured bag by Prada or Louis Vuitton would be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

In skin care and makeup, you demand results, for you feel rightly that a promise made by a beauty company must be a promise kept. Little wonder that Virgo’s skin is often her best feature, as your healthy lifestyle allows you to exude pure radiance. (Most women athletes, especially those who compete outdoors, have beautiful complexions that make their skin seem lit from within.)




Virgo, born at the time of the harvest, rules colors that reflect the darkening landscape. Think of the sky that begins to brood with its thick cloud cover causing weighty, navy streaks against a background of many multiple stains of blue. You will notice that the colors of the lake or river near you will have changed by now too, suddenly no longer bright blue but closer to navy to reflect the suddenly darker sky from shorter days. The trees, once pale green from spring now display their darkest verdant vibrancy. Before long they will turn bright in autumn splendor, but not quite yet. Hunter green, navy blue and chocolate brown, the color of the tree barks and of the darkened earth, belongs to you, dear Virgo.

When you think of Virgo, think too of the tiny flowers that grow wild on the side of the hill down the road, or the color of fields of heather after the fog rolls in. Or imagine the dark colors of cranberry bogs in Massachusetts—all these come under Virgo too. As such, tiny floral and geometric prints come under Virgo’s domain.

Virgo, the second earth sign, between Taurus and Capricorn, is also a mutable sign, blessed with a flexible nature. Part of this sign’s job is to let go of summer and prepare for the coming autumn.

The near-neutral colors assigned to Virgo reflect your lack of pretension. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo has outstanding talent for communication, a talent that is usually noticed and rewarded professionally. But unlike Leo, a sign that wants credit and even applause for deeds and accomplishments, Virgo does not call attention to herself. Virgo is equally determined to be productive—helpful—to society at large and to her friends and family. By keeping a lower profile—by wearing classic colors and clothing that allow her to be taken seriously—Virgo finds she is better able to accomplish her goal of building her reputation for excellence. If you are reading this and assuming that this means Virgo is a dull girl, always reading and in the library, think again. Virgo has strong inner confidence and therefore doesn’t feel a need to dress in bright colors or fancy outfits to get the respect she has earned. She has a sensuous, smoky, simmering sexy vibe that intrigues all who meet her, for almost everyone decides they have to get to know mysterious lady Virgo better!

Being born at the time of the harvest, Virgo is “coded” by nature to be productive—to pick ripened fruit or risk seeing it wither on the vine. An earthy practical sign, Virgo will not allow nature’s work to go unattended.

Discerning between grades of qualities is another Virgo trait, so not only does this sign feel an urgency to work hard, but also to assign a system or pecking order for the quality of the “fruits” of her labors, for future reference. This is where you get your reputation for your critical eye, and your talent for discernment and organization—all assets in any situation.

Virgo and Gemini share Mercury as their ruler, but unlike Gemini, a sign that likes to be trendy, Virgo, a more practical sign, prefers to buy classic quality that is fashionable but has a longer life.

Being a perfectionist—her interest in detail is legendary—when buying a new garment, you demand fine workmanship. You look at the details, for quality fabric, interesting buttons, correctly bound buttonholes, fine linings and proper stitching. Once you bring your purchases home, you makes an appointment with your tailor, for he will see to it that your clothes fit as if custom made for you. This is Virgo’s secret to looking so exceptionally chic. You celebrate excellent tailoring and are master of the perfect fit. You are also known to replace buttons with expensive ones—no wonder friends assume your wardrobe budget is far greater than it is!

The city of Paris, by the charter of its birth, is Virgo-ruled, emphasizing the link between well-made, fashionable clothing and sign of Virgo. For Virgo, God will always be in the details.

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