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2015 Horoscope: Sagittarius

November 22nd - December 21st

2015 Horoscope: Sagittarius
Sagittarius is known to be a curious, intellectual sign that loves to go for advanced college degrees and to travel internationally. Sagittarius is considering a publishing/broadcasting sign, for not only do you love taking in information, but you enjoy informing others about what you learn too. You are a happy soul, always seeing the bright side of things, and remarkably, your expectations of a successful result, even during a crisis, almost always become self-fulfilling prophesy. There is nothing you love more than travel, and even members of your sign who are on a tight budget find ways to see the world, including the most exotic cities that the rest of us can only dream about. Your motto is the adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and you show us the truth of that.

Sagittarius is usually blessed with a strong, lean, muscular body, which leads you to excel in sports. You have a natural inner rhythm that allows you to do well in competitions that rely on that quality, like tennis or skiing for example. It has been said we have more Sagittarian Olympic winners than any other sign. Your sign is associated with the Greek ideal of strong mind, strong body, and the need for a worthy competitor. You are deeply philosophical too, and love a good old fashioned debate over just about any topic, from religion, to politics, sex to current events—all topics most people avoid. No question is too big for you to tackle, and you’ll stay up all night talking with an old friend in a West Village coffee shop in New York City, discussing the meaning of life over cups of espresso until the wee hours of the morning.

You love big sky and wide-open spaces, and you refuse to be hemmed in. You are slow to marry because your priority to see the world (or to get your advanced degree) is so important to you. You fear that your wings will be clipped if you make the wrong choice in mate, or marry too soon. This year, with Saturn in Sagittarius for the first time in 29 years, you will be looking for greater stability and roots, so marriage may appeal to you now.

America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, 25 years old, is in many ways typical of her sign. Clearly, she’s established more in a few years than most people do in a lifetime and her musical tours have taken her to almost every corner of the world. She writes all her own music, and her talent as composer, singer, and entertainer has catapulted her to the top of the charts, and has earned her more awards than she has room to display. Yet behind her beautiful face is a smart, savvy businesswoman with her own opinions and on-target instincts. Fire signs like Taylor and you, Sagittarius are highly intuitive, creative and courageous—no dream is too big to see realized.

In the coming year, Saturn, the taskmaster planet, will enter Sagittarius for the first time since 1985 to 1988—those were years that occurred just before Taylor was born, so she never has experienced Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a major trend to affect every Sagittarius, including you. Saturn went into your sign December 23, 2014 and is set to leave December 19, 2017. There will be a brief hiatus of Saturn in Sagittarius from June 14 to September 17, 2015 when Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio for thirteen weeks. After September 17, however, Saturn will stay in your sign, and teach you many new life lessons. If you work with Saturn, you—and Taylor—will achieve much.

Some people choose to marry under a meeting of Saturn to their sun, and that’s possible for Taylor or for you. Taylor is a “late” Sagittarius, not born in November when the sign begins, but instead born near the end of the sign, on December 13. Saturn will move over her Sun Sagittarius in December 2016 and continue to hover over it until mid-2017. By then she’ll be 27, considered a key age in one’s life according to astrology. Saturn returns to the place it occupied at our birth at age 28.5, and time when most people feel a craving for roots and stability. Dating a large variety of men will become somewhat tiring for Taylor by 2016—Taylor will likely want to get on with her life and may overcome the hesitation of marriage so often seen in Sagittarius.

Looking at her chart, she may marry and temporarily take time out to have a baby. Alternatively some Sagittarians, including Taylor (or you), may instead start their own business. In Taylor’s case, she might expand her business in an appreciable way. Taylor has become the darling of the fashion industry so her business venture, if she wants to go in that direction, may be to launch her own clothing line. She has a beautiful face and the tall lean frame of a model, so this idea may be a good one. The paparazzi follow her everywhere—a clothing line reflecting her good taste would make good sense if she wears her designs every day. We will have to watch and see what Taylor decides to do. You too will be making some big decisions and moves that will give shape and substance to your life in years to come—exciting!

Heels or Flats?

In the beginning of the year, during the first eight months, Jupiter, your guardian star, will see to it that you have delicious opportunities to travel. You are always happiest when heading to an airport to jet off to an international city you’ve never been, and the coming months will be chock full of exciting options. While you likely get to travel quite a bit most years, the period from now through mid-August will be extraordinary. You should find a way to take full advantage by looking at travel bargain packages that you can now uncover. You are in the best period in over ten years to pack and go, so it would be a shame not to take full advantage. When travelling you’ll want a pair of Converse sneakers for day, and ballet flats for evenings. You’ll be on your feet a lot for you’ll be on a grand adventure, exploring cities and taking lots of photographs.

Your Career Forecast:

When Jupiter changes signs on August 11, this planet of expansion and good fortune will light your tenth house of honors, awards and achievement. This will then have the best chance you’ve seen since 2003-2004 to make a big name for yourself in your career. This trend will start in August 2015 and last until September 2016, a span of thirteen months, with opportunities presented to you that will be so breathtakingly special that you may not have even dared to dream about these type offers before. You have gained experience, wisdom and maturity, and you are ready to take on a role of great responsibility. Saturn in Sagittarius will steady you and help you concentrate fiercely on your goals, so it will be a lucky coincidence to have Saturn near while Jupiter is busy raising your profile in your industry. You are due to get the corner office position, so you need to have your beautiful stilettos ready to slip into, along with your favorite new outfits to match the authority you will wield. You waited twelve years for Jupiter to reach the pinnacle of your chart—he is nearly there—so your time for outstanding career reward is almost at hand! It all starts in mid-August of this year.

Your Power Color:

For work, look for a deep, bright midnight blue, and deep purple are your power colors. Plaid, stripes, and chevron have also been associated with Sagittarius and one outfit or blouse in plaid or stripe may be perfect for office or weekends. The spice market color Marsala may be a hue you can wear too—try it to see if it flatters your coloring. It’s a warm and earthy red and blends well with the BoHo look, and may fit in your wardrobe perfectly if you are visiting s very sunny location.

Your Best Feature:

Fabulous skin. Sunscreen is a must at home and on your travels. Sagittarius loves the no-makeup look (which of course, always involves makeup). You love to show your complexion show through, and you usually go for a nude-toned mouth with gloss. Your skin is usually a big beauty feature, so play it up with blush and bronzer.

Your Personal Style:

As a Sagittarius woman you love casual chic. You like unpretentious clothing that allows you ease and speed in movement—you are always on the go! You travel a lot, so knits and other packable items are a must, and you need to layer as you go in and out of various climate conditions. Separates work well for you. You don’t like tight skirts or dresses, for you will be in and out of cabs, cars, trains and planes, nor can a dress be too long to also make mobility difficult. Pants are the perfect solution.

For evening the part of the body to show off is your beautiful thighs. Sagittarius rules your thighs and hips and because you are so active, you are often well toned. This year, ear a black gown similar to Angelina Jolie’s—it had a thigh-high cut that had a big wow factor. She wore the gown to the Oscars in 2012.

Your best look in 2015 will be effortless classics, with an emphasis on sportswear separates and knits. The Haute Hippie look may also work for you, for it provides the ease you demand. Or, if you like, investigate 70’s rock n’ roll graphic T-shirts to wear with your jeans. For a coat, think a Moncler short puffer coat that is easy to wear in all climates, or if you prefer, choose suede or a shearling car coat. Ponchos and capes are also very much on trend, and your tall frame (if you are typical of your sign) would allow you this dramatic option.

Check out animal prints for fall of 2015—Sagittarius rules large animals, so consider leopard, cobra and other animal prints to add spice to your wardrobe. Add flat boots—equestrian riding boots would be ideal. The entire riding look is perfect for Sagittarius. As a matter of fact, you may have taken lessons in riding horses and in the art of dressage, the sport associated with Sagittarius.

Designers of Choice: Pucci, Ralph Lauren clothing, especially the Western garb, and the Ralph Lauren Native American turquoise belts, jewelry. Consider Peter Pilotto’s bright colors and patterns for the office, or look into sublimely packable Missoni knits. Boho chic may be fun to wear over the weekend. See the latest collection of Roberto Cavalli, who seems to have designed with Sagittarius in mind. Finally, the beautiful American girl look with skinny jeans, crisp white blouse, leather jacket or Burberry trench and a fine leather handbag with fringe will look custom made for you. Complete the look with hand made cowboy boots. There is another look that you might favor—the sports look of a team shirt, sneakers and sports hat that were all over the recent runways. Not everyone can wear that look, but you, more than any other sign, could pull it off.

For your jewel, choose deep blue lapis lazuli, your lucky stone, or choose a turquoise bracelet, necklace or belt from the Native American Southwest.



Hum the song, America the Beautiful and recall the lyrics “…for purple mountain majesties above the fruitful plane…” and you will conjure up many of the hues that belong uniquely to Sagittarius. Sagittarius reflects the colors of nature at the time of her birth, deep purple and rich royal blue. By late November and most of December, the days have grown darker, the leaves have long left their clutch on their knurled tree branches, so the landscape is becoming bare, preparing for winter. Sagittarius’ colors naturally reflect the sky’s deepening tones. Concord grapes, by now plump on the vine, late season plums and fresh blackberries, delicious with brown sugar, are among the last fruits of harvest to make their way to market.

Midnight blue, another variation of the blue that belongs to this sign, reflects the color of the ink that the angels spill over the late fall sky as those angels write out their wishes for each of us in the midnight sky. In the minds eye’ royal blue is the color of reflection. This too reflects the thoughtful Sagittarius’ temperament—few signs, with the exception of Pisces, is as innately philosophical.

Sagittarius comes from the tradition of Olympian athletes, which emphasizes the importance of strong mind and body. You are usually tall, sometimes lanky, but always lean. Jupiter, the happy, optimistic and generous planet of good fortune, rules Sagittarius is ruled by generous, good humored Jupiter, and blesses you with an even temperament, spiced with enthusiasm and a certain brand of optimism that just won’t quit. In sports, you fully expect to win, and hence, you more often than not do.

Sagittarius will always require a style of ease and common sense in the clothing and design you chooses. It is possible you invented sportswear and consequently, the influence of the new “fitness look” for everyday office-wear. Sagittarius will wear something you ordered from L.L. Bean, or Eddie Bauer and mix it with Gucci. Or, you will veer to Ralph Lauren—tailored classics that look elegant wherever you will happen to be. You aren’t really a “skirt” kind of gal but rather most Sagittarians prefer pants that are infinitely more comfortable.

The Sagittarius woman practically invented menswear tailoring. Think about the style that Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall made famous and you have the idea. Symbolized as by the centaur, Sagittarius adores animals, especially horses. Thus, you often looks like an aristocratic member of the English horsy set; radiant and fresh, as if you has just taken a country run that morning, even if you live in the center of Manhattan.

The Sagittarius woman probably borrows her boyfriend’s cuddly sweater when you feel chilly or slip into one of his shirts over a pair of jeggings when you want to curl up on the couch to read. Your sign, like Gemini’s, is also known to travel far and wide, and so you will insist on packable outfits, emphasizing knits and sweaters. (You need to hit the ground running—ironing went out with the days of her grandmother.)

Symbolized by the archer, your style of speech is like the arrow your emblem, the centaur holds—direct and to the point. The clothes you favor are just as simple and directly functional as well.

Finally, the Sagittarius woman has done more for denim—a well fitting pair of jeans—than just about any sign. With your stylish, athletic build, your minimal, fresh outdoor look, and insistence on natural fibers, you have turned your style into an international symbol—you are an American icon.

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