2015 Horoscope: Aries

2015 Horoscope: Aries

March 21st - April 19th

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizing spring, and not surprisingly, this sign likes to be first in all that they do. Anna Dello Russo (April 17) is a perfect example. She contributes to Vogue Japan and keeps her home base in Milan, an ideal hub for her to jet to various cities to visit editors and see runway shows. Aries tends to be active and athletic, too, and Anna has plenty of choices in nearby countries to ski, swim or hike in sumptuous settings. A typical Aries, Anna would never allow any moss to grow under her pretty pink feet.


Your Power Color:

This year, dear Aries, wear red, the color of passion, or at the very least any shade of romantic pink—you have a lock on love in 2015!

Heels or Flats?

Stilettos! This is the year to look sexy and hot. With Jupiter in your fifth house of love until mid-August, single or married, romance will be certainly be yours.

Your Best Feature:

Aries, it is your luxurious, thick, shiny hair, shoulder length or longer.


Your Year in Love & Relationships:

This year will bring a plethora of romantic possibilities if you are single, and if you are married, can bring you memory-building experiences to share. It takes Jupiter twelve years to revolve around the sun and through all twelve signs, so it’s not been since mid-2002 to mid-2003 that you had this kind of powerful help from good fortune Jupiter to coax you to meet your one true love. If you are dating someone that you feel may not be right for you, break up. This is not the year to squander the golden rays of Jupiter on someone you are already doubting. If you are attached and hope for a baby and have not been able to conceive, see a specialist now, for babies and conception are also covered by the fifth house and will receive the same golden vibrations. Jupiter will leave in mid-August, so make this period count for you!


Your Career Forecast:

In your career, January will be your strongest month, filled with good news and opportunity. Make the first part of 2015 work for you! Creatively, with Jupiter in Leo, you will outdo yourself. Ideas will keep coming to you, so offer them up to VIPs. After mid-August, you may be energized to work on your health and fitness, for Jupiter will be, by then, in Virgo. Jupiter in the sixth house is the number one place to get trim and slim and lose weight. You will be able to devise a new program and any excess holiday pounds will slide off.

Your Personal Style:

The Aries woman likes power dressing with authority. She has the personality that can carry off simple, beautiful cuts and dramatic colors with ease. She also has a sense of humor, and can carry off the urban look in khaki or olive just as easily. Some Aries like hats, some avoid them, but all Aries prize beautiful hair.

An Aries will try anything once. Adventuresome, witty, enthusiastic, she is not one to sit around pondering whether a new style expresses her true inner side. Instead, she will follow her instinct and if she decides to try a new look, she will not be tentative, but will jump in with both feet. If she decides the look does not suit the real “her” but finds that she does likes part of it, she will edit the style to make it her own. She likes to add unexpected pieces together to shake things up—Aries doesn’t want to be “told” what to do, even by other fashion editors and designers. This is why she is more often able to set trends than follow them. For an evening look, in a sea of little black dresses, Aries won’t wear black, but instead to wear jewel tones by the likes of Roberto Cavalli.



 The Red Planet Mars, is responsible for the Aries peppery spirit, zest for life and desire for adventure. Mars rules courage, physical and emotional strength, sexuality and self-assertion, all qualities this mighty planet imparts to Aries. As the first fire sign, when we think of Aries we think of energy, style and plenty of spunk. Her color is the orange-red of a crackling fire, or of hot pepper flakes we sprinkle on pizza. There’s no coincidence her shade of red also is the color of cayenne and Tabasco. Everything about red is bigger than life, and that’s how Aries lives: with zest and a powerful sense of adventure and discovery. We think of the bright true-red of a fire engine as well as the ardor of a soldier, who fights with heart and who is willing to spill his blood for freedom. We think of wine, and it’s associations with religion—red will always signify ardor and passionately felt thoughts and feelings.

The color red seems to be prized by certain cultures. My father told me of the old Sicilian saying: “Be sure to wear red to chase away the Devil.” It was an Italian custom to wear a touch of red (or a whole red outfit) on a big day to ensure success. The Italians may have a point. The Chinese loved red too, perhaps even more. Red is, after all, the color of courage and focused intent.

Being a leadership sign, Sun sign Aries starts fashion trends rather than follows them. Fashion-wise, this sign eschews frills, flowers or fussy do-dads. Sleek, simple and sophisticated is Aries’ preferred way to go. The Aries woman would likely embrace the simple, minimalist approach of Jil Sander or Balenciaga, as these designers styles mirror Aries’ direct, no nonsense sensibilities.

Aries wants to see function as well as style in wardrobe additions that she buys. Not surprisingly, the “utility” look in fashion, with jacket zippers or Velcro, appeals to her. Getting dressed in a flash translates into fast-getaways most mornings and speed is what Aries is all about. She’s a sexual creature too, so Aries is comfortable about wearing body conscious clothing that shows off her well-toned body. (Aries, an energetic, robust, yet most often slender sign. She enjoys lifting weights at the gym and challenging herself to a personal best, and she doesn’t mind showing off the results.)

In beauty, Aries rules the head, so she sees to it that her hair is her crowning glory. When Aries is having a bad hair day, you do too, if only by association. All Aries collect brushes, combs and blow dryers (one is never enough) and she has a whole cabinet full of new products, from hair gels to no-frizz preparations, hair texturizers, shampoos and conditioners. She likes hair bands, combs and other hair accessories, too, and she is often amazingly talented with styling her hair into complicated styles like a French braid or twist.

One thing is certain: Aries is dramatic, and you are sure to notice her individualistic style in any crowd. She lives life to the fullest.

Her jewel? She won’t be shy: “Just send diamonds, darling.” Of course, she’s the original sparkler.

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