The Ashley Benson Guide to Life

How to be healthy (Soul Cycle, green juice) and what to avoid (deep dish pizzas) according to our favorite Pretty Little Liar.

In the name of constant self-improvement and, ahem, education, come back every Wednesday afternoon for the next episode of our brand new Guide to Life series, featuring all sorts of wise friends, from Hailee Steinfeld to Betty Halbreich. Think of it as TC self-help. See you next week, kids!

Back when we photographed Ashley Benson in her home last fall (literally the morning after Halloween—yeah, not the best state we’ve ever been in), we kind of had a feeling we would vibe. Let’s just say the feeling was confirmed when we hung out in her Hollywood backyard post-shoot and bonded over the benefits of Pilates and green juice, and learned a few things, too. Like the fact that alkaline water is a miracle hangover cure (we picked up a bottle or three on the way back to the hotel and can vouch that she speaks not a word of a lie). Watch and learn.

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