The Evan Rachel Wood Guide to Life

5 tips on being a good person according to the girl who taught us to be bad in Thirteen

In the name of constant self-improvement and, ahem, education, come back every Wednesday afternoon for the next episode of our brand new Guide to Life series, featuring all sorts of wise friends, from Ashley Benson to Betty Halbreich. Think of it as TC self-help. See you next week, kids!

Okay, so Evan Rachel Wood is only 27 years old—and in terms of time on planet, she doesn’t have a ton to play with. But considering all that, girl’s got more than her fair share of life experience. Just, like, Google if you don’t believe us. So when we accompanied the actress and new mom to a camp for girls in foster care, we figured it was a good a chance as any to suck up some good person wisdom.
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