Sky Ferreira

In collaboration with Coach.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

You know that extremely overwrought, home-for-the-holidays thing? Yeah, just like the endless Christmas specials, the poppy carols blasting from every mall speaker and those tacky festive socks your mom insists on giving you every December, we’re kind of over it. Not to be Scrooges or anything, because we really do love the holidays and all of the (slightly blurry) merriment it involves. It’s just the whole Hallmark side of things that lasts from Halloween until New Years Eve gets, well, a little tired. So when Coach offered us a metaphorical breath of fresh air in the form of Sky Ferreira’s far from conformist holiday wardrobe, we caught the first Uber down to her hotel. ‘Cause let’s be real: nothing needs a rethink quite like a) an East Coast winter uniform (parkas are forever cursed for us) and b) that ugly Christmas sweater notion of holiday dressing.

Comfortably ensconced at citizenM New York, Ferreira dispelled all of our preconceptions pretty quickly. Our favorite singer ever to get her start on MySpace isn’t a girl anymore (we’ll spare you the Britney Spears lyric reference)—she’s a full on woman. We mean, take a look at her portraits below for proof. With her newly dark hair full of doll-like curls and cropped to her shoulders and her perfect porcelain skin (seriously though Sky, how do you do it?!) free of much makeup save for a slight smoky eye and a statement-making red lip, she kind of became our latest beauty idol. And as it turns out, her hair 180 is part of a much larger plan: long, blonde locks are in Ferreira’s future, you guys.

And she pretty much nailed the whole winter meets festive holiday dressing thing, too—and there was even a parka involved (the trick, we soon learned, was to go for military green, fur-trimmed and worn with bare legs). And guys, the irony of a California native like Ferreira schooling us True Northerners on getting into the winter spirit wasn’t exactly lost on us. Think of it this way: sometimes you need an outsider’s point of view to understand exactly how it is that an insanely cozy and oversized Coach coat goes oh-so-well with an equally oversized Mickey-emblazoned sweatshirt. How’s that for anti-ugly Christmas sweater dressing?