Jamie Schneider

Jamie Schneider

Stylist. Los Angeles

We're sure from the outside, the job of celebrity wardrobe stylist seems nothing short of seriously glamorous. Private jets! Selfies at Vanity Fair's annual Oscar party! Going buck in the Valentino showroom! Poolside lunches at Chateau Marmont! And granted, on occasion, the job description does include some of these, uh, perks. What you probably don't see, however, is the endless managing of schedules, last-minute (and we do mean last-minute) arrivals of the one piece that's about to save your client from the worst-dressed list and the Xanax-inducing headache that is misplaced samples. And believe when we say that no one can attest to this quite like Jamie Schneider.

Offering us tea the moment we walked into the door of her Hollywood Hills home only to be greeted by the overwhelming (but totally welcome) scent of Le Labo's Santal 33 (the only candle she'll burn), as Schneider sipped on her own Kombucha loaded with chia seeds, we pretty much instantly felt at home with the West Coast stylist. But as the girl behind the copious gowns and pantsuits on Cov-alums including Ashley Benson, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie, Schneider's closet was obviously nothing short of ideal for playtime.

Jamie walked us through each and every piece, including piles of her mom's vintage and the two remaining furs she'd managed to salvage after a nasty storage unit fire (yeah, we visibly winced at that one too). She also gave us a little preview of her upcoming line of costume jewelry, Henrietta. And as we sat draped around the long picnic table in her backyard, drinking beers and playing phone tag with some of her clients (names omitted to protect the innocent), we were seriously contemplating hiring a U-Haul. Is it cool if we move in next week, Schneider? Okay, fine, we're kidding. But if you ever need a roommate, at least hit us up before posting to Craigslist, K?