Erin Wasson

Model. Los Angeles

Close your eyes and picture what this girl would look like: “I would describe my style as a woman channeling Johnny Cash mixed in with a little Rod Stewart pre-disco days and a little sweetheart of the rodeo hanging out at the beach.” Did you see Erin Wasson? No? It’s okay; not judging.

Erin Wasson needs no introduction: that face, that signature beauty mark, that aforementioned (self-described) style and that moniker says it all. We teamed up with the folks at ELLE Magazine and popped by her pad in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood, for a shoot with the iconic model-turned-designer-turned-actress (remember her cameo in Coppola’s Somewhere?). While it’s difficult to nail down one title for Wasson (after all, her résumé reads like an encyclopedia of every creative field) we think she said it best: “[I’m a] Jack of all trades; master of some.”

We’ve been gunning for Wasson for as long as we can remember and have been keeping GPS-like tabs on her as she’s flourished from girl from Texas to model for Testino, never losing sight of her Southwestern roots along the way.

“I would be lost without my black python cowboy boots,” Wasson told us. “If they could talk, they would say that they were getting really tired, and that you probably need to take us to the cobbler.”

Her closet was filled with plenty more cowboy-esque booties, vinyls and a vintage record player that we could totally see in a saloon. Her collection of jewels, many from her own Low Luv line, were sprinkled across her coffee table and throughout her home. When it came time for her portrait, Wasson got down to business and went all-out in a pinstripe pant suit complete with an oversized fedora (remember the whole Rob Stewart thing?). They don’t call her a veteran for nothing…