The Body Scrub Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds

The Body Scrub Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds

The truth behind frank, the “dirty” exfoliator that’s winning the social media game.

We’ve all seen a bikini-clad (or nude) model (or two) haunting our newsfeed, covered in a dirt-like substance and hashtagged #letsbefrank. What’s really a simple exfoliant (largely made from coffee grounds) has gone viral with the help of its seductive social media campaign (the aforementioned nearly naked models). If you’re still somehow unfamiliar (do you live under a social media-free rock?!), frank is an all-natural, coffee grounds-based body scrub with a particularly, ahem, “friendly” personality. We mean, with a motto like “Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean,” there’s not a ton of room for, uh, interpretation.

Packed with coffee grounds, sweet almond, orange, and “lots of other good stuff,” this flirtatious (borderline pervy) coffee scrub not only acts as an exfoliant, a moisturizer and a toner, but it’s actually said to do the body good by getting rid of stretch marks, acne and scarring (head to @frankfeedback for all the juicy, somewhat hypnotizing before and after pics). In three yummy-smelling variations—original (largely coffee), coconut and grape seed, and cacao—the scrub targets all the most unwanted body blemishes that this thing called life tends to send our ways (cellulite, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema—the list goes on).

It’s a simple “get naked and get in the shower” kind of scrub. You’re to massage the coffee mixture all over your dampened bod and, once covered, let the scrub dry for about 5-10 minutes—rinse and repeat (a suggested two to four times a week). Oh, and if you need ideas of things to do while scrubbing and drying, frank suggests singing, squatting, and thinking about Ryan Gosling. We’ll suggest catching up with your Instagram feed (but please refrain from following through on the temptation to send your own contribution to @frank_bod—fair warning from us to you, you won’t ever not be covered in coffee on the Internet).

In the case of this scrub, more often is definitely better: immediately there’s the typical exfoliation result of softer skin, but you’ll also be able to say (fingers-crossed) #byefelicia to those stubborn stretch marks and shaving scars. Too miraculous? Maybe. But as with anything all-natural that promises to deliver big time, we’re willing to give it a shot.

—Raleigh Seldon

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