The Secret Behind Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

The Secret Behind Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Spoiler: it's totally worth the hype.

No mention of Charlotte Tilbury—makeup artist, mascara magician, general deity—is far from talk of her eponymous 'Magic Cream'. And as expected, with a name like that, it's virtually impossible for us to not be curious. After all, we are talking about the same cream that's allegedly graced the face and is responsible for the glow of pretty much every face you've ever wondered at: Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne... did we mention Kate Moss? You caught the Naomi Campbell thing, right? Oh, and she's a longtime collaborator of Tom Ford's—in fact, she helped him create his beauty line. Yeah, we're thinking she might have a trick or two up her sleeve.
Allow us to explain for a second: Tilbury's cream first originated on set, where she made sure to always have a pot (or two) of her patented, secret (until now) blend of highly-moisturizing, glow-giving cream handy (turns out that good glow requires considerable helpings of hyaluronic acid, rose hip oil and vitamin E). Word, as it is so wont to do, spread fast and demand for at-home magic grew so great that Tilbury now has a fully-fledged cosmetic line, with her Magic Cream in the starring role. The result? A gorgeous jeweled bottle with a rose gold cap. We like applying it underneath make-up before going out at night (especially after the kind of day that leaves you wanting to curl up with a bottle of wine and Netflix) or, following along with Charlotte's instructions (they're printed on the packaging, BTW), giving ourselves a fully-fledged facial massage. You know, for those nights where the aforementioned wine and Netflix inevitably wins out.
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