Working Out with The Skinny Bitch Collective

Working Out with The Skinny Bitch Collective

5 extreme exercises from the cult London fitness club

When it comes to hardcore workout regimes, nothing really kicks your ass like Skinny Bitch Collective. We know because, while we didn’t actually do the moves ourselves, we saw SBC (as it’s become known among its loyal followers) in action as founder Russell Bateman trained one of his already extremely fit clients on a recent trip to London. We mean, check these GIFs for yourself—is “Work B*tch” stuck in your head yet? We thought so.

“I've trained athletes and models for a few years, but this project was aimed directly at women with the goal being to change perceptions on how to eat, train and live,” says Bateman of his holistic approach. “I knew that I was creating something special. The collective needed to be heard and seen and because a lot of high profile models and actresses started coming and training in unconventional ways, it was natural that they wanted to tell their fans about it, too. It couldn't stay a secret forever, although people still call it the secret, A-list cult class.” Well, if the secret wasn’t out already, it’s officially out now.
Then again, Bateman’s pretty blunt when it comes to his philosophy. We guess you could call it the no bullshit approach. “Embrace the human animalistic nature in you. Reject boredom and get as far away from your comfort zone as possible. You wouldn't go to MoMA and spend an hour looking at the reception, so why go in the gym and spend an hour on the cross trainer?” His advice? “Squat, crawl, climb, have sex, rest hard, eat green veg and breathe deeply. That's the SBC way.” You know, just in case you were wondering. Herein, 5 exercises embrace your inner animal (and get your heart rate up, too).

Clock Lunges

“The SBC clock lunges are designed to take you legs in different directions to fire the glutes and facilitate more changes in strength. They are great for building lean muscle. Lunge behind like a curtsey and then come straight into a dynamic lunge over the front of your leg, too. You can pretend that you're in a clock face and lunge to 12,6, 3 and 9 o'clock. Do this 4 times each side.”

Elevated Climbers

“Assume a semi handstand whilst elevated against a wall surface. Keep your body aligned and core tight and pump your knees into your abs for 30 seconds. This is a signature SBC movement. Killer!”

Monkey Walk Rope Whips

“Pretend you're an ape and bound from side to side, explosively whipping as you do so. Keep this going for one minute. (Ape sounds optional.)”

Boat Pose with Leg Adduction

“This engages the core in an isometric position. The leg adduction with the resistance of the band also works the inner thigh and butt muscles. Try this for 30 seconds to really get that deep burn in your core and legs.”

Hip Rotations

“The hips don't lie and play a huge roll in your squatting and dead lifting motions. This is a great way to forge the mind/body connection. It should look like you have an imaginary hula-hoop on your hips! Try 20 seconds clockwise and counter-clockwise.”
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