How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 9 Steps

How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 9 Steps

Because putting some plants, moss and plastic toys in a glass vessel can’t be that hard, can it?

In our continuing mission to makeover our lives in the spitting image of every Tumblr picture we reblog and Pinterest board we curate, there are a few DIYs we dare try. You know, like making our own fish tacos or mixing our own face mask (#comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou). All in an evening’s experimentation, right guys? Among them is building our own terrariums—because really, save for finding the perfect glass vessel and shopping for succulents, how hard can it really be?

As it turns out, making an Instagram-able terrarium takes its fair share of skill, or, rather, know-how. Lucky for us, Crown Flora, around the corner from Cov HQ, was happy to offer their services as experts in all things glass and greens and set to work schooling us on their fine art. Let’s just say we have a few hanging from our ceiling and decorating our desks at this point. And our Pinterest followers have totally exploded. Herein, Crown Flora’s comprehensive guide to DIY-ing your own terrarium and how to keep it “happy.”

You will need...

Activated carbon
Decorative gravel
Decorative moss & rocks

Step 1

Choose a container. Succulents can thrive in small containers as they do not have a large root system.

Step 2

Choose your plants. All plants you pick should require the same care and growing conditions.

Step 3

Create a false drainage system by adding about an inch of clean gravel.

Step 4

Add a couple scoops of activated carbon and mix to the gravel. This will help keep your terrarium happy and clear of any unhealthy bacteria.

Step 5

Add enough soil to cover the roots of the plant.

Step 6

Pat the soil firmly but not too hard—you don't want to create cement.

Step 7

Dig a hole deep enough that the roots are covered (we use an old dowel).

Step 8

Be sure to put pressure on the roots and the new soil so that a good connection is made.

Step 9

Now you can decorate with rocks, preserved mosses, branches and fun little characters.

Care Instructions:

- Water every 2 to 3 weeks, allowing soil to dry in between.

- When watering the plants, do not pour the water directly on the plants. Rather, pour it down the sides of the container.

- Bright filtered light is best. Too much direct sunlight will heat the glass up and burn the leaves and roots.

- Remove any dead foliage.

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