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WTF is... Maple Water?

Is this the new coconut water? Our new, ahem, investigative series gets down to the bottom of things.

WTF is... Maple Water?

We don’t know about you, but we're slowly finding coconut water to be a thing of our sunshine-in-a-bottle, NYFW-ready past. While we'll never truly be over coconut water (one word: hangovers), when we heard there was a new water in town well, let's just say it's piqued our Canadian interests. Tapped from the maple trees of America (yes, not our home and native land), we give you, maple water.

There's a new water in town

Allow us to break it all down: maple water is tapped and naturally filtered from maple trees (minus all of the sticky sap). In addition to being pretty damn delicious (we describe it as sweet-meets-mossy, in the very best way possible), each bottle is only 30 calories a pop. And then there's the whole sustainability thing; the brand we specifically sipped at our desks, Vertical Water, also has a mission that we can totally get behind. Think: a Sustainable Full Forestry™ mission giving forest owners a reason that goes beyond trees being pretty to keep them, well, vertical and thus conserving forests across the U-S-of-A. You know, so you can maintain a superiority complex while getting seriously hydrated. JK! Oh, and fun fact: one serving of this maple-li-cious water has more manganese than 1 cup of kale. KALE, people. Who else thinks it’s time Brett Heyman chiseled a new mantra onto one of her sparkly perspex clutches? Her brand new-est bag could totally read ‘Maple Water’ and we would without a doubt buy it.

— Raleigh Seldon

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