Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Model. New York

Forget everything you've heard (including from us) about brow gel and balms being your gateway to perfectly full, game-changing brows. It turns out, as we discovered during a recent afternoon with Bambi Northwood-Blyth, sometimes all of the Anastasia products in the world won't save you when it comes to confronting a pair of God-given perfectly-bushy brows for yourself.

While she laughed off our compliments IRL, calling her beauty routine an "explosion" (again, her words, not ours), it turns out that while arch maintenance comes close to a full-time job for us, Northwood-Blyth has a to-do list that rivals even the most overbooked of multi-hyphenates. Case in point? When she's not busy fronting campaigns for everyone from Topshop to Victoria's Secret and landing covers for the likes of ELLE Australia, she's collaborating on a sock line with Stance and throwing bashes for her new rosé (we knew we liked the girl for a reason), Pour Les Amour. Is it just us or did your iCal just tremble a little, too?

Giving us the grand tour around her Chelsea walk-up, we like to think we got a serious peek into Northwood-Blyth's psyche, from the enormous Andre Saravia canvas (her favorite artist) in her living room to the adorable tchotchkes from her recent wedding (including a Lego caketopper) and a pair of badass boxing gloves. And while Northwood-Blyth totally has the whole laidback, Australian cool girl thing down (think: saying-splattered Discount Universe tees and Burning Man-ready Timberlands), her wardrobe was a lot girlier than we expected, with all sorts of Valentino, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga popping up. Northwood-Blyth even copped to pre-planning and going so far as to lay out her outfits ahead of time—Stance socks included—to the point where she had a custom wedding sock made for her big day. Yes, you're reading that correctly, and they're actually so Pinterest-perfect we contemplated having a pair made ourselves. "The team [at Stance is] so inspiring and really let me do my thing, take you away shooting in rad locations and [actually] let me design!" Bambi squealed as she made the big reveal. Now that's what we call fancy footwork.