Angel Haze

Rapper. Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

Let us set the scene for a second here: picture a massive high-rise in recently revived downtown Los Angeles, inside a penthouse apartment with expansive views towards the Hollywood Hills and just beyond that, Santa Monica. Sounds pretty good, right? Inside the condo is large and light-filled, but save for a white leather couch and a Xbox console hooked up to a massive TV, it’s pretty, well empty. Then again, we are talking about the same apartment rapper Angel Haze shares with her girlfriend Ireland Baldwin (we're willing to bet you've peeped it on Instagram), where the couple was spotted on said couch bright and early the morning that we visited, but not for long—Angel was jetting off to Budapest the next day. Tour life, you know? So we guess the absence of accumulated of furniture and tchotckes was kind of understandable, to say the very least.

We have to say, hanging out at Angel’s felt a bit like chilling at our (much cooler) friend’s place in college—think blaring music, a massive stash of brightly-hued cereal and, yeah, the aforementioned video game system (the bare necessities, you know?). Then again, it’s unlikely that even our most rad college friends call Caroline de Maigret a friend and walked red carpets in Raf Simons (check her forest green get-up at the VMAs this summer—she was a nominee—for proof).

Because while we’ve been listening to Haze since the release of her Reservation EP back in 2012, it’s her untouchably cool androgynous style we’ve always been obsessed with. You can probably imagine that we were more than a little excited to get access to her closet, which, as it turned out, was an expertly mixed bag of Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Versace, among a multitude of vintage bag tees and flannel. And her sneaker collection was, well, major and can pretty much be described as Nike on Nike on Nike, meets a little Maison Martin Margiela for Converse for good measure. But we have to admit, the center of attention was decidedly Kota, the couple’s husky puppy, rescued from the street only a few days before (again: see Instagram), who was a total natural in front of our photog Jake's lens, of course. We’re kind of thinking that that knack for posing might just run in the family...